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With advancements in technology, businesses have to be ready for today’s rapidly changing rules of competition. It’s no longer enough for a company to differentiate with a leading product and great price. In order to stand out in the market while also building loyalty with customers, businesses have to do much more. Studies have consistently shown that people prefer doing business with a company that offers quality customer service over one with the latest and most innovative products. And companies increasingly understand that providing a good customer experience often translates to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand reputation – not to mention revenue.

A good experience means that every interaction an individual has with a company – from the first point of interest to purchase to support – is seamless, fully contextual and matches their expectations.  Delivering this kind of experience is crucial if businesses want to gain a competitive edge in today’s market. One company that is enabling companies all over the world to meet and exceed such expectations is Genesys.

Started in 1990, the company was a pioneer in call center technologies. Today, Genesys stands as the leading global provider of omnichannel customer experience solutions powering more than 25 billion interactions each year for over 11,000 companies in more than 100 countries. Tony Bates, chief executive officer of Genesys, explains, “We offer the broadest, most unified solution set available in the customer experience market, enabling companies to connect effortlessly with consumers across any channel—voice, text, web chat and social.” 

As a leader in the industry, the award-winning company is helping businesses increase customer loyalty, drive better engagement, close more sales and build lasting customer relationships. Its client roster includes some of the most prominent brands in the world such as Telstra, Ping An, Singapore Airlines, ICICI, Hong Leong Bank, Oracle, Coca-Cola, eBay, Emirates Airlines, Heineken, Lenovo, to name a few.

A Legacy of Anticipating Market Shifts

Market demands in today’s business environment change quickly, and organizations are required to continually evolve. With nearly three decades in the industry, Genesys has a proven business model along with a legacy of anticipating market shifts and delivering innovations to address the changing needs of its customers before competitors. One example is the cloud.

Genesys recognized early that companies were considering the financial and operational advantages of moving to cloud contact center solutions and invested in delivering offerings for all market segments across every vertical. Today, using the cloud, microservices and a continuous improvement model, Genesys is rolling out innovations faster than ever.

Presently, Genesys is an established industry leader in both cloud and on-premises solutions and is uniquely positioned to help organizations of all sizes and sophistication stages worldwide. Mr. Bates explains the company’s cloud offerings: “With public, private and hybrid cloud solutions available via our PureCloud, PureEngage, and PureConnectoffers, we are well-positioned to support the needs of small to mid-sized companies up to enterprises with more than 10,000 agents. For companies which are not ready to move to the cloud, we continue to offer industry-leading on-premises solutions, affording them ultimate flexibility and choice.”

Single Platform to Market, Develop and Support

As competitors scramble to create different products for different market segments, Genesys focuses on delivering a single platform that supports both large enterprise and mid-market segments. This focus enables Genesys to out-innovate and out-execute its larger rivals. The company is continually recognized by industry analysts including Gartner, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan, for its innovation in both cloud and on-premises solutions—a distinction few software companies can claim.

Enabling Businesses to Provide Hyper-Personalized Experiences

In today’s competitive market environment, customer expectations have evolved. Today’s always-on, digitally-savvy consumers expect businesses to know them and are available to deliver hyper-personalized experiences across every channel, day and night. By harnessing cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital channels, Genesys delivers the individualized experiences consumers expect today, while also producing targeted business outcomes such as increased revenue, lead conversion, and customer satisfaction.

In addition, the company’s solutions enable businesses to make their employees’ jobs easier, improve operational efficiency and enhance workforce engagement in their contact centers, back offices, branch locations and beyond. Genesys technology also delivers solutions to eliminate departmental siloes, creating seamless and transparent coordination across marketing, sales and service departments.

Happy and Engaged Employees Produce Happy Customers

Most organizations have their own philosophy and values to guide them to do meaningful work. To consistently uphold those values while dealing with many clients and sustaining the business well into the future is the real challenge. Mr. Bates says, “We believe happy and engaged employees will produce happy customers, which results in positive business return. This is a virtuous cycle that always begins with our own employees.” He adds, “We work to attract and inspire talented team members who are passionate about transforming this industry with best-in-class products and innovations.” With thousands of satisfied clients, numerous awards and recognition from by respected third parties, happy employees and a decades-long history of success, it’s clear that Genesys truly upholds its values and philosophy, while delivering on its promises.

Research and Development for Superior Solutions

Genesys has a long legacy of investing significantly in research and development that is dedicated entirely to customer experience innovation. This enables the company to consistently outpace its competitors worldwide. In addition to the cloud, Genesys is heavily invested in AI innovation. Having already delivered multiple AI-infused applications, the company is injecting this intelligent technology throughout its entire customer experience suite, giving customers the ability to integrate it on their own pace. “We’re delivering apps for routing, chat and voice bots, interaction analytics, forecasting/scheduling, and predictive engagement—all fueled by AI,” says Mr. Bates. He explains: “Each of these technologies provides individually compelling benefits, but when combined, they deliver exponentially better business outcomes as a result of greatly enriched data sourced from across the customer and employee experience.” He also hints that in the future it could include even more advanced AI-powered orchestration, automation, and self-service capabilities.

When Mr. Bates was asked about the future of the company, he said: “We continue to squarely focus on faster deployment and migrations, enhanced speed-to-market and enriched breadth and depth of solutions. And, we will remain steadfast in our focused strategy aimed at helping organizations transition from outdated products provided by legacy software companies to a modern, omnichannel customer experience platform.” 


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