CS Control Software Oy: Improving the Quality and Cost Saving of Industrial Automation through Intelligent Solutions


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Automation has always been the backbone for industrial operations. Huge power plan runs with an automated process that requires little to no manual labor. However, accident, inaccuracy, poor safety have always been a concern. Moreover, the field of industrial automation has not seen a major improvement in term of time, resource and cost optimization. This is changing as innovative companies are leveraging intelligent technologies such as AI that can drastically improve the field.

APAC Business Headlines had a chance to speak to CS Control Software Oy, an innovative company that provides industrial automation solutions and process control applications. By leveraging smart technologies such as AI, neural-network, VR/AR, the company’s solutions have proven to be very effective in improving cost saving in operation, energy consumption, maintenance. Clients from diverse industries including Smart City, Power Plants, Car manufacturers, Factories and mining are utilizing the company’s solutions to improve safety and quality in industrial processes and operations as well as to optimize cost, labor and time.

The Inception and Growth of the Company

Based in Helsinki, Finland, CS Control Software was started in 2006 to help program automation applications for industrial owners across the global markets. Jarkko Laaksonen, Managing Director of CS Control, says, “The aim was to create the best workplace for owners without heavy operation cost.” The initial projects dealing with power plant start and commissioning in Indonesia, and software design and commissioning for mining in Austria went very successful. The company has never looked back ever since.

The company quickly expanded its team and started to commission more services in industry automation globally. Its involvement in IOT came to light when CS Control was invited to check a streetlight control system challenge. Jarkko says, “We promised to fix the problem and we were able to get the streetlight system working. That was the start of the Smart city applications.”

Tailored Made Application for Maximum Benefits

Jarkko tells us that the company focuses on delivering the optimal solutions which give the most benefits to its clients regardless of whether the technologies or methods used are new or old. While at the same time the company always looks to leverage the latest technologies to create better solutions and unlock new possibilities. He says, “I believe we should always be aware of the possibilities and always work on new ideas to build better solutions by using new technology.”

For maximum benefits, the company’s products are often tailor-made application for each customer or for a particular purpose. For example, Optimux was built purposely to optimize streetlight control, using neural-network technology. It can generate savings of up to 45 % on energy consumption and CO2. Jarkko explains, “The system works by collecting a lot of data about traffic flow, average speed, number of cars on the road, as well as weather conditions.” This application can save a lot of energy without affecting the security on the road. Even if the connection to the data server is lost, Optimux can control the dimming function locally by using a Neural Network to simulate the traffic flow. In addition, Optimux can be used to control the traffic flow to avoid traffic jam. The traffic control can select the sequences for traffic lights and suggest alternative routes for drivers. 

The company is working on another product called Optimux Sense which uses the same technology but for the purpose of analyzing how people move in the area. Beyond that, the company is involved with many startups in developing automation applications.  Jarkko says, “We have also been involved with several projects to develop applications for our customers such as start-up and shutdown applications for supercomputers, applications for power plants and data centers, applications for predictive maintenance, application for jet boring, amongst others.”

With a customer service line available for almost 24/7, the company has always maintained a good support and maintenance service for every customer. Jarkko acknowledges that employees are the strength and the biggest assets of the company. He says, “We want our employee to grow and we even encourage them to study while they are here. We have a system to support even university studies.” The concern and genuine care for employees have always been reflected in the way the company treats and supports its clients. When asked about the future of the company, Jarkko says, “We are focused to grow and localize our applications for local markets.” With a focus to be a forerunner on the new technology applications for industrial automation, the company aims to have its products and services available globally in the near future. 


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