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Sun Yanjun, President, Star

The Accounting and Taxation sector has undergone a drastic change with the introduction of new acts and laws. With the client’s increasing demand over time, the accounting and taxation firms are setting major goals to accomplish the client’s requirements with their core strengths. The firms are putting their best foot forward to stand amongst all and make a name in the marketplace. One such firm driven by the virtues of passion to learn, hard work, innovation and excellence is Star. It is an Accounting and consulting firm whose expertise lies in corporate registration, accounting, financial consulting, taxation and financial software development. The team consists of experts with more than 10 years of experience who always seek to understand the client’s businesses for more insights. 

Star was established by a diligent personality Mr. Sun Yanjun, President of the company in 2007. He founded the company right after his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Lancaster University in the UK. With the help of the Chinese government that provides incentives to encourage budding entrepreneurs with overseas education to establish SMEs in Shanghai, Sun was able to successfully start STAR. He is a proactive leader who firmly believes in his abilities to make the world a better place by providing innovative services. 

An Excellent Service Provider

Star Accounting and Consulting firm is a one-stop service provider China market entry projects of foreign investors, from company incorporation, accounting and bookkeeping, tax planning, HR payroll, cash management and other related services. Mr. Sun asserts, “With a profound understanding of what business owners are looking for and their best interest at heart, we play the role of a virtual CFO of their Chinese business.” 

Besides performing the necessary accounting functions, the company also reports to clients headquarter CFO with conference calls, writing and presenting financial reports using a group reporting template or by following the IFRS standard, consequently, the clients can minimize the number of employees working in China.

The company ensures transparency and a high level of control in the services they provide. The services are facilitated by the company’s bilingual cloud accounting software that enables real-time updates of the financials and attaches the detailed working procedure flowcharts, clarifying the rights of clients and the responsible parties in the contract. The company aims to provide high-level service at a very reasonable price. 

Core Values of the Company

Mr. Sun aims to develop strong business relationships by taking a genuine interest in clients by striving to understand how the client defines success and goes extra miles to achieve it. First and foremost, solid knowledge in Chinese tax regulation is the foundation of the company’s professional service field. STAR Service philosophy stands for efficiency in price and procedure to ensure the best result with minimal time and economic cost for clients.

“Our clients who have experience working with larger firms often favor STAR. They feel more seen and heard, valued and understood by us. The genuine care and the will to support them into success are what keep them staying with us long-term,” says Mr. Sun.

He believes that values and ideals are more important than success. The firm’s main strength has been its dedicated attitude, professionalism, integrity and innovation with technology. The star team is defined as respectful, supportive and team-spirited which are the key essentials for service excellence. 

Intending to provide International standard service, the prominent company is now a member of IECnet is an international accounting alliance with 80 members across six continents, providing global standard professional services in accounting, auditing and taxation to local as well as international clients. It is ranked 26 worldwide this year, which serves as a testimony of our service quality.As the Mainland China member firm, STAR Accounting & Consulting is devoted to expanding our global service scope and further strengthening our expertise, to be a stalwart guardian for our clients.

Star is also proud to be the Vice President firm of the Shanghai Association of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, which is an official industry network led by the Shanghai Financial Ministry and Mr. Sun was appointed as the Director of its Expert Committee. 

Mr. Sun shares, “We match the qualification of our staff with the tasks to avoid having overqualified staff performing low-level complexity work, which leads to overpricing whereas the competitors in the market often charge twice as much for identical services. The value we are offering to the clients put us ahead in client satisfaction and relationship building, especially so with SMEs.” He further adds, “STAR is not just a business for the team to meet the needs of our end – it is a platform for every team member to be part of a bigger vision.” 

Gearing Up for an Optimistic Future

During the outbreak of this COVID-19 pandemic, Star aims to help the companies that suffered economic loss due to this global crisis by reducing the service fee and offer certain pro bono services. The team is actively participating in the project ‘Help Desk’ from the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai to provide free consultations to companies and entrepreneurs. 

“We would like to show our sense of social responsibility by contributing to the community in all viable ways during this difficult time.”

Star is a young, vibrant and ambitious company and currently it has extensive dealing with from international trades, hospitality and consulting field. In the next 5 years, the company is dedicating more time and effort in expanding the client base and profile, adding more credentials in assisting different industries to the existing ones. One of the first step of this mission is the establishment of the French service team. The team leader has spent several years living in France and is familiar with the French and Chinese accounting standard and taxation regulations. The French service team will be value-adding to STAR and the IECnet alliance by assisting French-speaking clients in their China market entry. Meanwhile, it creates another channel for Chinese enterprise to participate in overseas markets. As the client base entails, the company will also be acquiring more talents to double the current team size.

With the conviction of the value that star delivers, especially to foreign SMEs, the company aspires to get more exposure and recognition from the business community while enhancing brand awareness and reputation.

“We are confident in the value we create for our clients and believe there is a bigger stage for us,” Mr. Sun concludes.


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