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Mansfield Wong, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Synergy Group Holdings International Limited

Today, renewable energy has become the potential solution to the long-standing energy and environmental challenges faced by developing countries. The adoption of sustainability has opened a lot of opportunities for companies to innovate products and solutions to meet the demands arising from sustainable development and related market. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Synergy Group Holdings International Limited is one of the leading EMC providers in Asia. Mr. Mansfield Wong, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of the company affirms, “Synergy was founded in 2008 and offered our patented and proprietary “Tube-in-Tube” lighting technology with energy management contract (EMC).” With the EMC business model, Synergy Group plans to maximize energy efficiency while improving and maintaining the highest operational standard. “The foundation of our services is our Energy Management Contract (EMC) business model, which focuses on implementing tailor-made solutions to achieve the highest energy efficiency and returns for each project, at NO UPFRONT COST to the client,” says, Mr. Wong.

Synergy Group designs, finances, deploys, operates, and maintains a diversified portfolio of energy efficiency technologies, renewable, and energy storage solutions. It provides customized solutions to energy producers, distributors, and consumers, principally property owners, conglomerates, and multi-national companies, fulfilling every unique requirement. The company offers tailor-made lighting, cooling, and solar solutions to achieve the highest energy efficiency and returns for clients with a minimal upfront cost. With the EMC foundation, the company has also enhanced its services into other cooling, solar, vanadium electrolyte battery, and energy storage solution with vanadium flow batteries (VFB) and A.I. big data building management technologies.

In addition, Synergy Group is continuously growing and expanding its Greentech solutions to clients worldwide, including digital transformation services to educate them and help them monitor and optimize their energy usage. The company also provides low-cost high-purity vanadium producers and VFBs suppliers for a hundred billion dollar energy storage industry and has become the vanadium electrolyte leasing bank. In 2015, Synergy became one of the leading EMC providers in Asia and the first Hong Kong ESCO Company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Maintaining Strong Client Relationship

Besides its main fundamental business, Synergy Group also cooperates with its partners around the globe to explore and implement diverse Greentech solutions to increase energy efficiency and achieve carbon neutrality. The company has helped its clients to save an average of 70% in their energy costs. “Recently, we are focusing on building digital transformation and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles education towards our clients. By providing auditing service of their current state of ESG, we can lead corporate leadership training to adopt ESG as part of their respective cultures,” asserts Mr. Wong.

The prominent company builds and maintains a strong and positive client relationship by delivering exceptional results without over expectation. It focuses on exceptional communication with the clients and listens to their concerns seriously. Synergy is not only an energy-saving company but also aims to share knowledge and considers this as an opportunity to educate and share information that helps clients understand the company’s area of expertise and promote a more sustainable future.

“By setting reasonable expectations, we allow ourselves to complete the project to impress the client and position ourselves as someone they would like to continue to with,” says, Mr. Wong.

Mission and Values of the Company

Since its inception, Synergy has been focused on energy saving and sustainability. Today, as the whole world is on a mission of carbon neutrality and net-zero, as a leading energy saving company, this has been its mission for over a decade. “By educating our global clients on the importance of carbon emission, energy-saving, and sustainability, we created the necessity for our integrated Greentech solutions. We have faith in this direction for Synergy Group aligns with the rest of the world,” shares Mr. Wong.

Synergy is committed to ensuring active management and monitoring of strategically significant ESG issues with integration into daily operations and decision-making processes to create a truly sustainable business.

Future Road Ahead

Synergy aspires to become the global leader of ESCO, disrupting the energy industry with proven technology solutions, continuous technological innovations, and enabling the world with greater energy efficiency and productivity. The team at Synergy is also constantly exploring, investigating, and reviewing new generations of smart energy-saving technologies. It is also working towards its upcoming key project called, Solar Project in the Dominican Republic. “Additionally, we are in progress in planning ESG corporate training in Asia, the objective is to guide clients go towards a better sustainable future, and one of the key topics is to guide them to achieve carbon neutrality by using green incentive corporate programs,” concludes, Mr. Wong.


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