How technology has impacted the online advertising industry?


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The landscape of online advertising is changing unpredictably. Advertisements around us today are seemingly far different from those that were a decade ago. This is because of the enhanced modifications that happened in the advertisement sector with the growth of technology. Technology has significantly influenced the online advertising platform over the last decade, and still, it is continuing its function to change the industry.

In this article, we examine the reasons that are causing tremendous changes in the online advertising sector.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

5 years ago, we all conceived AR and VR as technologies that are limited to games and entertainment. But, both these technologies have rectified our wrong notion through their contribution to each digital industry, including online advertising.

Both AR and VR have made advertising more interesting and interactive by enabling consumers to intercommunicate more with marketing and advertising messages. In addition, VR platforms have already succeeded in vibrating the digital advertising industry through the provision of emotional connection to the audience, which other platforms cannot.

  • Predictive Programming

Predictive programming is one of the cogent examples of increasing sophistication in online advertising technology. It collects a wide variety of data about each user based on their online behavior. 

Through predictive programming, advertisers are clearly informed about user behavior in the online space. And, it gives an easy way for the advertisers to implement activities based on the information gathered. This data collection finally results in the production of successful online advertising.

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

Studies reveal that businesses that adopted Omni-channel strategies achieved a 91 percent enhancement year-over-year in customer retention rate compared to businesses that do not adopt. Omni-channel marketing cultivates a better user experience by creating more points of interaction and more opportunities for revenue-generating action in the online advertising sector. Through the interaction with users in all facets allows advertising companies to enhance connection with customer identifiers. This dramatic change to Omni-channel marketing has initiated from the realization that multi-channel marketing is not a powerful way to reach consumers.

  • Connected TV (CTV) 

In a digital age, where ad-skipping technology improves every year, CTV provides a happy solution for advertisers. CTV users are watching shows and programs on the Internet rather than via a TV station, which is much similar to the traditional television experience. CTV administers video advertising in the beginning and the middle of the program to get the maximum viewership for ads. Because of this, users become naturally willing to accept advertisements in order to continue to watch the program. This technique is beneficial for online advertising companies. 

  • Programmatic technology 

Most of the technologies contributing to the growth of online advertising today are based on the advancements of AI. But, all these techniques require the back up of customer data to execute advertisements efficiently. This is where programmatic technology comes into the picture. 

Programmatic use particular software to purchase digital advertising instead of depending on traditional processes like the insertion of orders, negotiations, and RFP’s. This efficient technology makes advertising less expensive and easily accessible. Dealing with this, a report from Accenture reveals that buyers and sellers use programmatic technology only 17 percent at their inception stage. However, within the next two years, the usage will rise to 35 percent. 

Summing it up

The forward march of advanced technologies is radically redefining the online advertising industry. As technology is getting more sophisticated and promising, online advertising also enhances its productivity and promptness.  


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