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Today, the Fintech market is rapidly growing and has become more competitive. Fintech companies have transformed to be more flexible, have low costs, and have become more open to new technologies. The companies now have a better understanding of human behaviour and have a superior value proposition to create real value for customers. Founded in 2014, Tiger Brokers is one of the leading global online brokerage firms focusing on global investors.

Mr. Vincent CHEUNG, CEO of TIGER BROKERS (NZ) LIMITED says, “We are on a mission to make investing more efficient for all. Through our innovative and comprehensive trading platform, we offer a wide range of trading opportunities – in terms of product range and geography – that suit anyone’s risk appetite. Stocks, ETF’s, Futures, and Options – all these financial products are right at your fingertips.” The company is committed to leveraging its innovative platform to enhance client access to multiple global markets, currencies, and asset classes.

Providing Globally Diversified Investment Portfolio

With offices in Singapore, New York, Beijing, Auckland, Hong Kongand Sydney, UP Fintech Holding Limited (Nasdaq: TIGR, well-known as “Tiger Brokers”, which is the ultimate holding company of Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited) has over 1000 employees. Currently, the firm holds brokerage registrations in Singapore, the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. In August 2015, the company launched proprietary owned trading platform, Tiger Trade, with the aim of improving global investors’ ability to allocate their assets internationally.

In March 2019, Tiger Brokers was listed on Nasdaq with the ticker TIGR. According to Vincent CHEUNG, Gen Z makes up for 15% of the company’s current 1.4 million customers worldwide as of 30 June 2021. In particular, Gen Z investors have an 80:20 split between traditional stocks and real estate versus volatile stocks and options and prefer long-term stocks like Apple, Boeing, and Carnival. 

Tiger Brokers is a next-generation FinTech company that offers solutions to meet the investment needs of young people. The Tiger Trade app provides easy and free access to resources, educational content, and up-to-date information for the youth to help them make informed decisions before entering stock markets. The company is breaking the barriers by its policy of no minimum deposit required to make an investment, allowing every youth to invest no matter how much or how little they have. It offers one of the lowest transactional brokerage rates in the market. Tiger Brokers allows clients to trade with a Paper Account, which is a simulation account that allows them to practice trading without risk by using $100k virtual funds. It also provides real market data and free access to multiple analytics tools in Paper Account. 

Additionally, Tiger Brokers also offers:

  • All-in-one account, single account, and multi-currency facilities allowing clients to trade multiple global markets by using one account.
  • Complimentary market data for U.S., AU, Hong Kong, A-share (Shenzhen/Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect), Singapore, and UK markets.
  • Zero currency conversion fee and excellent real-time currency exchange rate.
  • The instruments available on its platform include equities, ETFs, futures, stock options, warrants, and Callable Bull/Bear Contract (CBBC).

Nasdaq-listed Tiger Brokers’ self-developed easy-to-use trading platform, the Tiger Trade app, helps investors gain easy access to global markets. 

Future Roadmap

Tiger Brokers’ proprietary and cutting-edge technology is one of its core strengths compared to traditional brokerage firms. It has a team of engineers and designers who strive to create an unparalleled trading experience for the customers. The company is technology-focused with nearly half of the company’s employees working in research and development. Leveraging its proprietary infrastructure and advanced technology, Tiger Brokers enables trading across multiple currencies, markets, products, execution venues, and clearing houses. 

This prominent company has also received support and investment from some of the world’s powerful financial and technology companies. Xiaomi Corporation and Interactive Brokers, the largest online broker in the United States, are the main shareholders of Tiger Brokers. The parent company, UP Fintech Holding Limited, has also been recognized for its innovative trading platform and has been named to KPMG’s Fintech 100 and C.B. Insights’ List of Unicorn Companies.

“We are aiming to make investment easier through technology and innovation. Through a proprietary and robust backend system, we will continue to upgrade our comprehensive trading platform, and we look forward to expanding our innovative platform and creating new links between global financial markets,” concludes Mr. Vincent CHEUNG.


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