DYXnet Group: Empowering Business Transformation through Software-Defined Networking (SDN)


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Despite spending millions of dollars and countless hours, businesses still struggle with networks that are too complex to achieve operational efficiencies. This is because enterprise networks are becoming increasingly hybrid and fragmented, spanning across many private and public cloud environments. And with the manual and rigid traditional networking model, it is a herculean task for enterprises to respond to the rapidly changing requirements.  

Hence, businesses look for a more simplified, low cost and efficient networking solution and this is where SDN (Software-Defined Networking) comes to rescue as an appealing alternative.  SDN simplifies the way networks are designed, deployed and managed while improving performance, efficiencies, and agility. Leveraging this best-of-breed technology, DYXnet Group, a prominent SDN solution provider in Greater China supports thousands of organizations to improve their daily operations and achieve optimal business results. Combining leading-edge ICT technologies with a unique market proposition, DYXnet Group creates new strategic value for its customers while helping them optimize their business efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.

Delivering Cutting-Edge Products and Services

“DYXnet Group is not a technology developer but a technology enabler who leverages the latest technology, study it internally and incorporate it into our service portfolios and launch them in the market,” says Jacky Wan, the Chief Operating Officer of DYXnet Group.

Founded in 1999, the leading carrier-neutral network service provider delivers cutting-edge products and services that are unsurpassed by other providers in the region. In addition to SDN solutions, the company also offers MPLS network, Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), Internet access, data centre and network security solutions to enterprise clients via a provisioning capability in many cities throughout Greater China and the wider Asia Pacific region.

“Our mission is for companies of all sizes to “Connect to China, Link to the Future” – capturing opportunities in China and growing beyond borders by leveraging DYXnet Group’s unique China strengths and ICT innovations,” affirms Jacky.

Putting an End to the Network Woes with SD-WAN

With the advent of technology, enterprises face challenges posed by IT issues such as digital transformation, greater deployment of SaaS, cloud-based applications, the Internet of things concept, and a diversity of network technologies and branch complexity. 

DYXnet Group addresses such issues by providing SD-WAN, a superior-quality enterprise WAN that comes complete with a high degree of stability and simplifies network management. SD-WAN provides a significantly cost-effective carrier-grade network capability to enterprises while enabling them to benefit from its greater stability, agility, security, manageability, and simplicity. It also allows the businesses to perform the provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting process via a single-pane-of-glass management platform while gaining benefit from zero-touch deployment, application performance and optimal utilization of bandwidth.

“Our SD-WAN solution provides extraordinary user experience while facilitating a reduction in a client’s network costs of up to 50%,” asserts Jacky.

Cultivating Strong Relationship with Clients

DYXnet Group believes that happy employees will easily create happy clients. Hence, it focuses on creating a healthy working environment featuring ample daylight and 120-degree workstations, a huge game area as well as comprehensive benefits including life and health insurance and leisure opportunities for its employees. 

“We strongly believe that happy staff with excellent group backup in diverse areas is crucial to continue to provide tailor-made and sustainable service portfolios and extraordinary customer services to our clients that bring great values to them and win the market,” says Jacky.

Apart from this, DYXnet Group has been investing several million Hong Kong dollars in enhancing its Network Operation Centres (NOCs) and Customer Service Centre to improve its facilities and service standards to make timely response possible. The company is also focusing on upgrading the service level of its MPLS private network to optimize its customer handling capability by taking care of its customers’ needs and requests in detail. 

Moreover, to deliver greater value to its clients, the company has been evaluating prospective SD-WAN technology partners since 2016 via exhaustive product testing, fine-tuning and client trials involving carriers, global enterprises, and locally-listed companies. Swayed by its customer-oriented approach, more than 10 high-profile enterprise clients in Greater China chose DYXnet Group to be their SD-WAN service provider even before its launch. And now partnering with VMware, DYXnet Group is officially launching its SD-WAN service in Apr to May 2019 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. 

Continues to Shaping the Future of Networking

Regarding the future, Jacky says, “As Greater China’s leading carrier-neutral network service provider, we will continue to bring in the best-in-breed yet the reasonable enterprise-grade solution to our clients riding on our internal research and development team.”

Moving ahead, the company also plans to play an exemplary role in promoting self-disciplinary, healthy, orderly and legal development of the industry. 

“We will make our utmost contribution to the industry, creating the best SD-WAN solution in the industry,” concludes Jacky.


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