CTW: Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry through Cutting-Edge Solution


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Logistics Industry is no doubt lucrative and perhaps this is the reason why startups are jumping into this bandwagon in drove. However, with the evolving customer needs and dynamic market scenario, only a few of them manage to sail through it. CTW Logistics Corporation is one of those pioneering companies, which have made a stride in the logistics industry through innovation and distinctiveness. 

Although the business had a humble beginning in 1974 as a container trucking company, it started making inroads to success in 2000 by expanding its business focus from transportation into warehousing and total logistics solution. 

When Taiwan was in its economic boom with GDP growth of 14%, it opened a door of opportunities for the thriving logistic company to grow and expand. The company seized the economic growth momentum and electronics industry development to build up its market share and gradually thrived to become a leading 3rd party logistics service provider in Taiwan. 

With decades of experience in the industry, today it serves as a trusted provider of logistics services for semiconductor-related parts, special gases, chemicals, dangerous goods, electronic devices, and precise machines. 

Keeping Innovation at Its Core

“We believe our innovative DNA has led us to the differentiation among logistics players. We keep up with the vibes of the industries, and proactively introduce new technologies and devices to provide better values and always think beyond,” says John Huang, the chairman of CTW Logistics Corporation. 

The logistic company introduced the air-suspension vehicle to deliver semiconductor machines at a very early stage. Apart from this, another early automation implementation of the company is AS/RS which accommodates 14,350 pallet locations and gives decent operation efficiency to serve Taiwan’s semiconductor and electronics industries. 

CTW has also developed a platform called Logi-Intelligence which integrates the customer instructions and the status of the process of all vendors in one place so that everyone can track, analyze and build their own reports. 

Moreover, in collaboration with Solomon Corp, CTW is developing a 3D vision recognition picking system connected with a robot to pick multiple paint cans by different direction, and it can also work collaboratively with human at the same space. 

Recently, CTW has developed an OMS (Order management system) for their E-commerce clients to help them track and trace their orders in real time. EDI development among CTW WMS, clients’ ERP, and main domestic couriers also led CTW to achieve a new milestone in E-commerce logistics service.

Making a Difference through Continuous Improvement 

“IT and logistics engineering capability are two core strengths of CTW logistics service. By analyzing the logistics data, we then plan for operating layout and process with systematical flows. Logical thinking and thoughtful simulation help to construct less cost but higher quality services, which creates the win-win situation between CTW and our clients,” explains John. 

The systematic approach and strong IT and engineering skills enable CTW to meet the customers’ requirements by providing customized solutions. To achieve better efficiency and accuracy, the company aims to incorporate a high level of automation in their process. CTW understand that continues improvement is critical to keep up with the evolving market demands. Hence, the seasoned team in CTW examines every exception events in regularly cross-department meetings, investigate the root causes and build up the prevention actions. 

“These CAR records are systematically archived in EIP for review, analyses and knowledge sharing. We devote to pursue the real improvements that make CTW become a better one pragmatically,” says John.

Empowering Clients with Reliable logistic Solutions

CTW never stands still and it always seeks to provide the solution that is best suited for client’s needs. 

“Through high-quality and customized services, CTW help clients to solve its logistics challenges, deliver differentiated service and create extra values that in term provide strong competitiveness for a client in business development. Thus, not only CTW becomes a trust-worthy partner of many local and international businesses, but also many clients will also recommend CTW to their associates or business partners,” asserts John. 

Endeavors To Expand Across APAC

CTW has just celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2019 and it thrives to continue helping its clients in solving their logistics challenges in the future. 

When asked about the future plans, John says, “CTW look forward to stepping out of Taiwan, expanding its geographic coverage to other Asian countries, to become strong logistics partners of Taiwanese companies in South Asia counties, such as Indonesia and Philippine, and to tighten the partnership with our clients as a key logistics player in Asia.”

He adds, “We will keep focusing on the cultivation of employees, accumulating their domain know-how, and motivating them to enhance their competence to reach our future goals.”


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