A-Plus Automation: Setting a New Benchmark in the Logistics Industry through Automation


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In the wake of the e-commerce revolution, the logistics industry has undergone a sea of change. Unlike the pre-e-commerce era where logistics was sluggish with suppliers pushing raw material to manufacturers, who in turn distribute the products to end consumers via distributors and retailers, today e-commerce delivery gets triggered with a single click by the customer. This expediency leads to increasing demands which pose challenges for logistics service providers. 

With rising volumes, higher costs and larger infrastructure impacting the logistics sector, the answer to achieving higher efficiencies while reducing costs could only come through automation. Realizing this fact, A-Plus automation, a leading logistics service provider in Singapore incorporated automation into its logistic service to address the rising consumer demand. The prominent company designs, manufactures and installs automated materials handling systems for manufacturing and logistics companies across South-east Asia. 

Simplifying E-Commerce Operations

Backed by the wealth of knowledge and skillsets in material handling and automation, A-Plus Automation started its journey in July 2010. Built on a strong foundation of engineering know-how, soon it reached the pinnacle of success. Today, it serves as a reliable one-stop material handling solution that includes conceptual design, manufacturing, system integration and maintenance service throughout the South East Asia region.

“A-Plus team is constantly extending its expertise in materials handling, materials flow, and sortation system to develop a cost-effective and scalable system to meet the challenging e-commerce operation needs,” says Rodney Ham, the Managing Director of A-Plus Automation.  

Over time, A-Plus has won many prestigious awards and recognitions such as the most promising SME 500 company in 2015, the Fast Forwarding company SME 100 and the prestigious OCBC Emerging Enterprise award in 2017. Moreover, The Straits Times and Statista acknowledged it as the Fastest Growing Company in 2018.

Along with logistics, A-Plus cater to a wide variety of businesses, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, food, and beverage. 

Moving Ahead With Innovation and Technical Excellence

 “A-Plus business philosophy is hinged on innovation and technical excellence, believing it will help A-Plus to stay in the forefront of competition,” asserts Rodney. 

The leading company invests its time in identifying the market needs for the type of machine/equipment required for the company to carry out its production activities more effectively. It constantly goes back to the drawing board and invests in R&D to develop innovative solution and equipment system to fill the gaps. One of the key innovations that sets A-plus apart is its parcels sortation application which helps businesses in efficient sorting by eliminating the manual labour-intensive and time-consuming process.  

“With the wealth of knowledge and skill set that our engineering team has accumulated over the years, we are able to provide the one-stop solution to our customer with well-thought design, flexible and scalable layout, and most importantly by choosing the right mix of equipment and control system to optimize the customer operation needs,” adds Rodney.

Unique Strategies to Meet Customer Expectation

A-Plus has attained customer’s trust with a consistent level of reliability. The 5 key factors that help A-plus to build good client relationship is strong design capability, fast and efficient manufacturing process, knowledge and skill in engineering design, fast response, effective after-sale services, and competitive pricing. 

The innovative company provides an efficient design machine layout and flawless production with its strong design capability. Its fast and efficient manufacturing process shortens the delivery duration and makes it a reliable solution for clients. Having wealth of knowledge and skill in engineering design, the company develops a cost-effective solution for the client and offer fast response and effective after-sale services to them. 

Partnering with clients across the region, A-Plus strive to further enhance the manufacturing capabilities of the customers. 

“It is also important for us to work closely with our partners from Japan, Europe, and Korea to provide the most economical and competitive pricing of equipment to our customer,” says Rodney. Over time, the company has expanded its reach with business associates and partners throughout Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. 

Focusing On 3 Key Aspects: Diligence, Adaptability, and Learning

Looking towards the future, A-Plus aims to leverage its ability and adapt to the changes in the market environment to stay relevant in the industries in the future through continuous learning.

Rodney sums it up, “A-Plus will continue to flow with the market forces and adjust its business practices and find a path that will help our product and service to stay relevant to the demand of the market, and most importantly keep our focus on the following 3 aspects —diligence, adaptability, and learning.”


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