Smart Planning and Design is Committed towards Building Cleaner and Sustainable Cities for our Future


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In today’s high-tech world, smart cities have become more than just a concept.

Technology is constantly changing the way we do things, improving our lives, business and livlihoods. In today’s high-tech world, smart cities have become more than just a concept.

With the aim to improve the quality of life by making cities more sustainable, efficient and easier to live in, the movement towards smart cities has become a necessity for the highly urbanized and modern world.

However, the concept of a smart city can only be achieved with the right technology solutions which encourages the three pillars of sustainability, people (social), planet (environment), and profit (economic).

While several companies have already made an impact by delivering innovative smart city solutions for towns, cities and regions, few have been able to mobilize the industry towards more sustainable and smarter cities like Smart Planning and Design. The company has built a robust portfolio using the Smart City Mandala™ drawing upon its Smart City Ecosystem™

to implement holistic and tailor-made solutions that serve the needs of local governments and city authorities.

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Melbourne, the company is dedicated to providing complete planning and urban design services to its clients and collaborators. Smart Planning and Design along with its sister company Smart City Strategies and Solutions has shown the right infrastructure, technology and entrepreneurship to drive cities towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment.

The Smart City Mandala™ consists of six implementable elements that take you from the digital to the analogue and back again resulting in better places for all citizens. The six Smart City Mandala™ elements are Smart Governance, Smart Environment, Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart People and Smart Economy. David Klingberg, CEO of the company

says “With this framework, we create and implement holistic Smart City strategies and ensure integration of digital technology and programs that will assist and deliver,” The company does digital analysis, mapping and profiling using the Smart City Mandala™ framework.

They plan for and integrate fit for purpose digital technologies that are cost effective. The company has collaborated with Newcastle City Council and Cumberland City Council to help build smart, liveable and sustainable cities. Through these projects, the company had a focus on the digital economy and innovation and opportunities that flow from that. David stated that through these projects “We brought our understanding of the new digital landscape together with the desired ‘analog’ Cultural and Community-driven outcomes”.

In Newcastle the company’s smart city strategies along with the input from the international ‘Newcastle Smart Cities Reference Panel’ and its collaborative engagement with council, stakeholders and Newcastle community were driving factors for creating the award winning Newcastle Smart City Strategy.

Additionally, through Smart Planning and Design’s involvement Cumberland Smart City Smart Precinct Pilot Project was able to secure Federal Government funding to deliver a Smart Precinct in Granville. This project will develop and test design and strategy, the framework and process through the revitalization of Granville. The aim of this project is to

deliver improvements in different town planning and design areas areas including public realm design, urban heat management and mitigation, safety and security, waste management and water quality.

Though the smart city industry has some support from Federal and Local governments.  Yet the availability of sufficient fund by the government to guarantee strategy, planning, and implementation is still very crucial. Moreover, to match the pace of growing technologies there is an even greater need to create awareness about planning and development to make

cities more liveable. David confirms “There are a couple of peak bodies emerging in Australia that are doing a great job in creating awareness in the planning and development industry as to the potential of improving and making our cities more liveable.” Smart Planning and Design is not only on the way to deliver smart cities but also focuses to reduce greenhouse gasses and global warming as a high priority by using advanced level of tools and equipment such as technology to clean air and waterways.

Smart Planning and Design is very much focused on the growth of its client’s business by earning their trust. The company runs monthly education and networking events to bring together people engaged in the development industry and development projects.

After securing a reputed position within a small time span, the company is planning to expand its business across Melbourne and Sydney. David concluded, “In the future, our aim is to deliver town planning, landscape architecture, urban design, and smart city services across Australia and South East Asia.”


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