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Entrepreneurship is not all plain sailing as one envisions. From working as a full time employee to transitioning as a leader is really tough and long journey altogether. However, people who have the courage to embrace risk taking and passion for innovation often make it big in the industry.

The story of Gavin Yeung and Neelabh Dixit, founders of Koinbros, is one such kind that reminds us the importance of risk taking to achieve our visions in life. To achieve their dream of starting their own company and contributing to the industry, Gavin and Neelabh left their jobs on the trading floor of a bulge bracket investment bank and started trading their own crypto currencies professionally. With their business acumen and twenty years of experience working as traders, they established their brainchild—Koinbros—as a leading global provider of post-ICO services to cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in minimal time.

Specialized in market-making services and over-the-counter trading on post-ICO utility tokens, Koinbros helps blockchain companies meet their liquidity needs optimally. With a tagline ‘Liquidity on Demand’, the company offers a wide array of solutions ranging from over- the- counter trading solutions for ICO projects to index product solutions. While its over-the-counter trading solutions for ICO projects helps companies looking to convert cryptocurrency raised via ICO to fait currency for building out projects,  the company’s index product solutions enables both high net worth individuals and companies to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings. Moreover, the company provides market-making services to these ICO projects as a way to create liquidity for their tokens.

The company’s market making services comes with a host of best-in-class features. It includes creating price stability in all market conditions, balancing misaligned order book; devise listing strategies to increase token visibility, and leveraging existing relationships to increase trade volume. “Our market making products is strategically important to altcoins in need of liquidity.  In our experience, good market making lowers the cost of entry and exit for market participants. By reducing the amount of slippage that a buyer would have to pay in order to enter into a position, it’s less of a burden for them to enter and when they are paying closer to a fair value, more trade happens”, explains Gavin Yeung, Founder and CEO, Koinbros.

Koinbros faces certain challenges in this new and fast growing space owing to the infancy of the market and a lack of understanding of cryptocurrencies and not to mention —what market making actually is. However, Koinbros overcomes these challenges by educating customers on the benefits of market-making and providing quintessential market- making services that help customers create liquidity for their tokens. By employing Koinbros’ market making service in place, customers get a host of benefits including a competitive bid-ask pricing, highly automated solutions with tight risk limit requirements ( quoted around the clock,  7 days a week, and 365 days a year), comparable order book sides, and two way simultaneous quotes in large blocks.

Right from the early stages of the journey, the company was focused on providing best-in-class services to its customers. With its over-the-counter services, the company provides personalized services right from inquiry through settlement of trade, guiding them in every step of the way.  While the company converts large blocks of cryptocurrency to fiat by offering its clients upfront, all inclusive pricing, it also enables high net-worth individuals and companies to buy large amounts of cryptocurrency without large slippage and transaction costs.

“Our trading flow is completely customer-driven, meaning that our customers always come first. To give them the best services, we walk our customers through every step of the process from both the very technical detail of transferring from smart contracts to trading mechanics,” states Neelabh Dixit, Co-Founder and COO, Koinbros. With over twenty years of experience working as traders and ten years of cryptocurrency trading experience, both Gavin Yeung and Neelabh Dixit are well equipped to ensure the best trades for its clients. Unlike the other companies in the cryptocurrency space, the team at Koinbros understands the technology behind cryptocurrency and the trading of it, which is paramount for running a successful company.

Backed by 500 Startups, a premier venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley, the company is committed to providing the best services to its clients. Also, the company has received funding from two branches of the Hong Kong government, Cyberport (which is wholly owned by the HKSAR) and the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong.

The company has seen tremendous growth in the industry and has been continually growing alongside the industry. With a breadth of solutions in place a.nd comprehensive understanding of the crypto currency market, the future looks bright for the team at Koinbros. “We want to fulfill our mission of becoming the best trading firm in the space and providing liquidity on demand to utility tokens,” conclude Gavin and Neelabh.

Quotes: Koinbros offers a wide array of solutions ranging from over- the- counter trading solutions for ICO projects to index product solutions

With its over-the-counter services, Koinbros provides personalized services right from inquiry through settlement of trade, guiding them in every step of the way.


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