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In today’s tough business environment, retailers and the brand owners are looking to find new ways to win over their customers.

Consumers are often selective these days; their choice of purchase often comes down to who offers quality products in the best value. In this scenario, couponing effectively tips the scale in a merchant’s favor.

Besides, it’s not a secret that digital platforms play a significant role in influencing brand purchase decisions, particularly when consumers are planning their shopping trips. While coupons are the top pre-store brand purchase influencer, it is companies like Mezzofy that have really been able to take the digital coupon platform to the next level of innovation and performance.

Established in 2014, headquartered in Hong Kong, Mezzofy has led the transformation of the coupon industry over the last four years. Mezzofy is a coupon solution provider for merchants, developers and marketers. It brings everything that is needed to create, distribute and manage coupons onto one powerful platform, namely Mezzofy Merchant App.

Mezzofy has been at the forefront of digital innovation in retail systems. It has helped retailers to go beyond the traditional marketing channels and maximize new opportunities in the digital world. Dicky Ying, the CEO, illustrates, “With digital coupons, target marketing is a lot easier. If email, phone, or social media account details have already been gathered from the data captured in previous digital coupon campaigns, merchants can issue tailored coupons to the exact targets they wish. They may also issue digital coupons to speci?c groups on social media or to users of speci?c web pages or forum.”

Mezzofy Merchant app supports merchants to issue unlimited Digital Coupons, that too, without any upfront cost and technical help. The easy-to-use app helps brand owners to gain access to a much deeper network of consumers. The app allows marketers to open up new channels for Merchants to embark on various coupon campaigns. While consumers get access to thousands of deals by receiving the coupons and no need to download any apps. Digital coupons can also be used to maintain a membership programme and speci?c coupons can be issued to target members accordingly.

With its unique product and services, Mezzofy has already an established a strong foothold in the Asian coupon market. The app is now available in Google Play and App Store. Merchants are using Mezzofy app worldwide to issue coupons. A catering enterprise recently issued more than 200,000,000 digital coupons with Mezzofy Coupon Platform for about a hundred brands under its name. The company customer base includes many well-known brands such as Maxims Group, Starbucks (Hong Kong/Macau), GS1, NTT, LoReal, NeoDerm and the list is rapidly growing. The company proudly adds the Bali coupon platform (a customized version of the Mezzofy Merchant App) developed for the Bali Tourism Board to the list of its most successful projects.

In April 2018, as many as 15,000 people have downloaded Mezzofy applications. Users come from 50 countries around the world, with the majority from US, Hong Kong, China and Asia. Apart from Mezzofy Merchant App, Mezzofy have also helped a number of global enterprises to integrate their internal coupon systems with those of Mezzofy.

Mezzofy has constantly evolved its solutions to adapt to new changes in the market. Moreover, to modernize the coupon system with unique features like barcode, Mezzofy has already established a strategic partnership with GS1, Hong Kong. Ying adds, “The GTIN barcode scanning is one of the techniques to retain the consumer by requiring the consumer to scan the GTIN in order to get the coupon.” Additionally, ‘Proximity marketing’ that its Blockchain Coupon Platform will provide, the company will enable its clients to send digital coupons to its nearby customers through Bluetooth also.

For its smart innovations, Mezzofy app is awarded with the “Smart App of the Year” in the ‘2018 Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong’; Mezzofy platform has been awarded as the “Most Innovative Digital Coupon Platform” in ‘Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards 2018’. The company has also been awarded with “Local Brand Hong Kong Awards”, organized by Hong Kong Local Brand Association.

“While digital coupons can bring a fresh user experience and widen consumer reach, billions of consumers are still con?ned to a passive role as in a B2C market,” says Ying. Mezzofy has become one of the market leaders in Hong Kong and Asia and now wishes to take a leadership role in unlocking new efficiencies in block chain. With the company’s impressive track record, Mezzofy is not far away from establishing a unique presence in the consumer retail sector.


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