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One company that is addressing this issue with its quality-driven Cyber Security Capability is ES2. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Paris, ES2, is a consulting company specialising in Enterprise Security and Solution Services. With an expert team that has plenty of experience in foreseeing the problems, responding to incidents and creating advanced security solutions, the company’s key objective is to ensure a proactive approach to cyber security for their clients.  

Recognised as a trusted advisor of business centric services and solutions, besides the Cyber Security Services, ES2 offers a wide array of services ranging from the provision of Enterprise Solutions to Consulting Services, Training and Managed Services. Unlike the other companies that focus on predominantly selling their Services, ES2 understands its clients’ business models and proposes Solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Today, under the leadership of Frederic Drouin,ES2 continues to expand the Services offered whether it is supply chain optimisation for the secure dispensary of pharmaceuticals within Europe or the client outsource of their Security network environments to help identify and reduce security risks.

With its quality-driven services and the ability to continually meet each customer’s specific requirements, ES2 has continued to grow across the APAC region and is gaining further momentum within EMEA. “We strongly believe this is due to our business model, which is focused on being our customers trusted advisor, whereby we identify and analyse the gaps and weaknesses, develop the desired, secure future state (utilising people, processes and technology) as appropriate to each client’s unique requirements and to further assist them in implementing or guiding them to achieve a successful outcome.” states, Frederic Drouin, Co-Founder, ES2.

Understanding the industry’s Cyber Challenges

“All organisations are vulnerable in some manner to cyber security threats, it is natural that the conversation has progressed from a ‘we must prevent cyber threats’ to ‘it’s not a matter of ‘IF’, but ‘WHEN’,” states Frederic Drouin. Although this paradigm shift has prompted the Cyber Security Executives to strengthen their strategies, many organisations are still uncertain about their Cyber Defense capabilities, owing to the new ever more stealthy developments in hacking methods and the sophistication with which they are delivered. This is where enterprise security service providers such as ES2 come in to its own.

Through its continual training and partnerships with global security vendors, ES2 has built best-in-class enterprise Security Services that identify, detect, respond, recover, and protect its clients from today’s cyber threats and attackers. Also, the company has generated proven methodologies to pragmatically and effectively assess the clients’ environment against internationally recognised industry standards to identify the organisations risk exposures and to develop the recommendations based on the most ‘bank for the buck’. “Our first line of cyber defense is designed to help customers limit the damage by responding, in the event of a Cyber-Attack, in the fastest possible time” adds Frederic Drouin.

While providing these quality-driven Services, ES2 also understands the fact that Cyber Security is an ever-changing sector and that the threat prospect is never stagnant. To stay ahead of the curve, the company partners with early adopters, industry recognised researchers, and other international start-ups with niche tools to strengthen its core services. “Our company is in an ever-evolving state and has successfully launched the first Australian Cyber Security Incident Response Hotline (24/7) across Western Australia which enables companies to reduce their threats exposure and to recover quicker, tells Frederic Drouin.

ES2 does not underestimate the importance of ‘The people’ in security through promoting the building and maintaining of a culture of awareness to cyber security threats. Mr Drouin sees this as being one of the most important security controls that an organisation can implement. A Security Awareness educational program must evolve just as the threats themselves evolve in order to enable organisations and their employees to understand the latest threats and how to protect themselves. ES2 provides face to face or video training for their clients covering the latest threats; this training is tailored to the client and their needs to complement their other services.

In an era where organisations struggle to meet customers’ expectations, ES2 has been able to serve their customers from various sectors optimally. For instance, in the first five years of operations, ES2 was selected by over 250 businesses across Australia to be their Trusted Security Advisor. And the secret sauce behind this continued success is its exceptional team that is committed to adding value to its customers.  

The company going forward is looking to strengthen its Melbourne and Brisbane presence. Also, “we’re looking to expand in Singapore and Montreal over the next two years. Finally, as part oftheES2 growth and diversification strategy, Frederic Drouin is pleased to announce the establishment of a new entity, led by Eimear O’Connell,dedicated to servicing the Perth market by providing specialist IT Recruitment Services across Permanent, Contract and Staff Augmentation requirements.


“ES2 does not underestimate the importance of ‘The people’ in security through promoting the building and maintaining of a culture of awareness to cyber security threats”

“ES2 has built best-in-class enterprise Security Services that identify, detect, respond, recover, and protect its clients from today’s cyber threats and attackers”


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