OON & BAZUL: Proactive Legal Services for any Business Needs


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Bazul Ashhab, Managing Partner, Oon & Bazul

Establishing trust is imperative in the corporate legal sector. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to establishing trust. By providing proactive services and helping each other, corporate legal service providers can build trust and long-lasting relationships with customers. OON & BAZUL, a corporate legal service provider in Singapore, has caught our attention with its proactive corporate legal services that ensure 100 percent success for its customers.

Incepted in 2002, OON & BAZUL is one of the fastest-growing Singapore law firms as recognized by Asian Legal Business. Famed for its large commercial practice and for its ability to deliver high-quality work, the company has become synonymous with corporate legal services in Singapore.

Over the past decade, the company has achieved quick and steady growth because of its service standards, including good commercial sense, swift response, and reasonable legal fees. The team at OON & BAZUL formulates the appropriate strategies only after understanding clients’ business, their markets, and their commercial objectives. Also, the team at OON & BAZUL works around the clock, dealing with the issues whenever they arise. “We also pride ourselves on producing high-quality work while keeping a lean and agile team on each matter,” says Lionel Chan, Partner, OON & BAZUL.

Global Reach

The company has also built its presence outside Singapore. OON& BAZUL’s lawyers work with lawyers throughout Asia and ensure that they provide the best results. The company’s lawyers are also fluent in several languages including Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Tamil, Japanese, and Korean. “Our firm has a sterling international law practice dealing with matters across continents which has led our lawyers to be particularly adept at coordinating matters involving multiple jurisdictions,” states Lionel Chan.

Today, the company has an extensive portfolio and a large client base including sovereign states, Fortune Global 500 corporations, large multinational corporations, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals. And it is OON & BAZUL’s team that is relentlessly working to serve these clients around the clock.

OON & BAZUL’s partners, associates, and staff come from many different cultures and backgrounds. While the company strength lies in its professional services, Lionel Chan believes it is the diversity that strengthens them. “It allows us to intuitively appreciate the cultural differences and sensitivities of our clients and many different environments they operate in,” adds Lionel Chan.

The company has always remained as a people’s organization that strives to provide an intellectually stimulating environment for its people to ensure their professional and personal growth.

For its valuable services, the company has been recognized by major publications including Singapore business, IFLR 1000, ASIA Business Law Journal, ASIAN Legal business, Benchmark ASIA-PACIFIC, and many more.

In the coming years, the company will be focusing on empowering customers with more personalized services that improve the bottom line of their business. Going forward, the company will also strengthen its presence in other Asia Pacific countries. “We have a lot of plans in the coming years. However, our focus will remain on helping our clients achieve success,” concludes Lionel Chan.


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