The growing importance of corporate social responsibility


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Many companies are emphasizing the role of social responsibility in areas such as environmental protection, tree planting, women’s rights advocacy, and poverty eradication. Social responsibility refers to a company’s obligation to pursue attainable and long-term goals for its employees and the world at large. Optimally, socially responsible companies project a more attractive image to both consumers and shareholders, which positively affects their bottom line.

According to one estimate, 90% of S&P 500 companies published a CSR report in 2019, up from 20% in 2011. Some successful businesses today use social responsibility to give back to society while also thanking customers for their loyalty. As a result, all of this can manifest as projects, movements, or individual empowerment. Whatever form these corporate ventures take, they are unquestionably beneficial to both the company and the community. Trying to be a good corporate citizen is thus becoming an increasingly important goal for many successful organizations. Continue reading the article to find out the reasons for the growing importance of corporate social responsibility.

The reasons for the growing importance of social responsibility

There are numerous reasons for this shift in focus, including the fact that an increasing number of businesses are accepting the responsibility of having a positive impact on society and the environment as part of their business operations. Some important reasons are discussed further below.

  • CSR can motivate and retain employees:

Employee engagement can be increased through social responsibility. It can help businesses attract employees who want to make a difference in the world and are not just looking for a paycheck. The strength of employees in a large company and collective efforts can achieve substantial results, which increases workplace morale and boosts productivity. One report shows that engagement correlates directly to the performance and profitability of a company: engaged employees are 17% more productive, 21% more profitable, and 41% less absent.

The CSR strategy demonstrates that a company is compassionate and treats all people, including employees, with respect. A company that is dedicated to making the world a better place is more likely to attract and motivate new employees. As a result, employees must take seriously the role of social responsibility.

  • CSR can help your brand’s image among customers:

In today’s competitive business world, it can be difficult for a company to distinguish itself in the eyes of customers. The importance of social responsibility in business can win customers’ trust while also creating a marketing platform and attracting the audience’s attention. People will perceive your company as a positive force in society if it practices CSR. When it comes to branding, CSR can help build a good reputation and, in turn, earn trust and loyalty among clients in order to build a successful brand and retain customers.

Customer loyalty can help a company stay in business for a long time. Customers are essential to your business because it cannot function or exist without them. Consumers expect brands and businesses to do more than just make a profit in order to keep their loyalty.

  • CSR demonstrates investor accountability:

Socially responsible businesses may appear more appealing to investors. In a business, investors have the common goal of achieving a greater return than invested funds. Businesses that are able to manage their finances while also giving back to their communities are accountable and transparent in their dealings.

According to the study’s findings, investors believe that investing in CSR is not a waste of money but rather an indicator of corporate culture that is less likely to result in costly missteps such as financial fraud. Furthermore, investors view CSR as a sign of ethical corporate behavior, which lowers investment risk.

  • CSR can help you engage with customers more effectively.

The importance of social responsibility in business can help businesses engage with customers more effectively, and it involves businesses directly interacting with members of society who may also be customers or potential customers. You can get direct feedback on whether you are doing the right thing and where the company needs to improve. It is still effective to use word-of-mouth advertising, and customers who have been part of a company’s social responsibility can spread the word.

Closing Thoughts

There can no longer be a business model that focuses solely on profits at the expense of the environment, society, economy, consumers, and employees. Companies should think about how they can give back to society in order to attract customers as well as retain and motivate their best employees. CSR can help with customer satisfaction and employee retention, both of which are critical to the success of any business. It can also help with engaging customers, improving the brand’s image among customers, and demonstrating the accountability of your investors.

Name: Sweta Kumari Panda

About the author: Sweta is an SEO content writer from Brahampur, Odisha, but currently lives in Bangalore. She is doing an internship in Digital Marketing and writing content for the leadership category. She graduated from Brahampur University in 2016 and has a degree in Mathematics (Hons).


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