Revealed! Tashi Wangdi’s Shocking Strategy to Turn Bhutan into a Success Story


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In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, entrepreneurship has gone far beyond profit-making ventures. Entrepreneurs now strive to align their values with their business practices to achieve financial success while also making a positive impact on society. Tashi Wangdi, the esteemed founder of Impact Hub Thimphu, is a visionary leader dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Bhutan.

Tashi, who has an unwavering passion for bringing about positive societal change, has launched several impactful initiatives that promote collaboration and connection among like-minded individuals through social enterprises. His commitment to fostering innovation and assisting startups perfectly mirrors Impact Hub Thimphu’s overarching mission of contributing to Bhutan’s development as a knowledge-based society. Tashi Wangdi, a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor, inspires a vibrant community of changemakers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, catalyzing positive change and fostering long-term economic growth in Bhutan.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application and extensive experience assisting new businesses and supporting their growth, he embarked on a journey that led to the creation of iHub Bhutan and Happy Delivery. He wanted to help Bhutanese people who had good business ideas. His degree provided technical knowledge, while his experience taught him how to solve problems. He saw that many new businesses needed assistance, so he founded iHub Bhutan and Happy Delivery. His goal is to provide new entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to turn their ideas into successful businesses. He wants to help the next generation of Bhutanese entrepreneurs and improve our country.

Tashi Wangdi’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Throughout Tashi Wangdi’s journey with Impact Hub Thimphu, he has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. Even though he faced challenges because of different ways of thinking, Tashi stayed focused on supporting young people starting businesses and encouraging entrepreneurship. He didn’t give up when things got tough. Instead, he made changes to Impact Hub Thimphu to better help entrepreneurs. He saw what was needed in Bhutan’s business world and changed his hub to offer more services, like helping new businesses grow. His ability to adapt and think ahead has kept Impact Hub Thimphu at the forefront of supporting young businesses and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs in Bhutan.

Balancing Wisdom and Compassion in Business

Finding a balance between being wise and caring is critical for successful entrepreneurship. Wisdom aids in making sound decisions and solving problems, whereas compassion entails caring for others and being responsible in society. He believes that both wisdom and compassion are required for effective business management. Wisdom enables him to face challenges and make informed decisions, whereas compassion ensures that he considers how his actions affect others and the community. Both of these qualities will enable him to become financially successful and make a positive impact on the world.

Bringing Heart and Hands Together in Entrepreneurship

As a Bodhisattva entrepreneur, Tanshi believes in combining passion and action. To make a positive impact on society, he ensures that his business goals align with his values. This means he was motivated for a purpose other than making money and dedicated to turning passion into tangible projects that succeed financially and make a positive difference in society. He wants to leave a legacy that is about more than profit; it is about making the world a better and more equitable place. This way of doing business reflects his dedication to making a lasting and meaningful impact on society while finding fulfillment in work.

Cultural Mindset Barriers

New entrepreneurs received practical advice on how to deal with cultural differences from Tashi Wangdi. He emphasized the importance of continuous learning and cultural awareness in business. Dealing with these challenges necessitates a thorough understanding of the local culture and a willingness to adapt. Tashi’s advice emphasizes the importance of understanding different cultures in business and continuing to learn. He believes that being inclusive and culturally sensitive allows entrepreneurs to collaborate across cultures. With Tashi’s guidance, new entrepreneurs can overcome cultural barriers and turn them into opportunities to grow and innovate in a changing global market.

Jabchor Platform and Networking

Despite his funding difficulties, Tashi Wangdi found the Jabchor platform to be extremely useful. It provided him with useful information and opportunities to network with others who wanted to build impactful businesses like him. His appreciation for the platform’s value demonstrates how important networking and collaborative platforms are for entrepreneurs facing challenges. Despite financial difficulties, Tashi’s proactive approach to networking allowed him to meet people who shared his enthusiasm for impactful businesses. He gained valuable information and support from Jabchor, making his journey easier and giving him the strength to overcome obstacles. 

Nurturing Innovation for Sustainable Growth

Impact Hub Thimphu aims to build a community of people who want to make positive changes and help Bhutan grow. Creating new businesses and ideas that benefit society is one way they accomplish this. They offer resources, advice, and networking opportunities. Impact Hub Thimphu aims to assist people in turning their ideas into successful projects that address significant social and environmental issues. They believe in collaborating and involving everyone to make Bhutan a better place for all. Their goal is to promote innovation and social responsibility in Bhutan, assisting the country in transitioning to a knowledge-based society that cares about people and the environment.

Impact Hub Thimphu’s Vision

As Bhutan strives to become a knowledge-based society, Impact Hub Thimphu fosters innovation and empowers individuals and groups to make positive contributions to society, the environment, and the economy. Innovation and social entrepreneurship are the goals of the hub. The Impact Hub Thimphu helps individuals and groups realize their full potential to contribute to Bhutan’s development through creativity and teamwork. Impact Hub Thimphu contributes significantly to Bhutan’s future as a vibrant and sustainable knowledge-based society where innovation and entrepreneurship are critical for progress and success.


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