BREAKING: Sylvana Quader Sinha’s Praava Health Transforming Bangladesh Healthcare


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Bangladesh, a land of vibrant culture and rich history, captivates visitors with its verdant landscapes and bustling cities. novel initiatives aimed at addressing long-standing issues, the health industry in the heart of this dynamic country is rapidly changing and fueled. With an emphasis on accessibility, affordability, and quality, the sector is seeing the rise of pioneering healthcare providers like Praava. Sylvana Q. Sinha, founder and CEO of Praava Health, is a beacon of hope and innovation for healthcare. Sylvana’s unwavering commitment to improving health outcomes in emerging markets has inspired Praava Health to pioneer a transformative approach to healthcare delivery, based on her firsthand experience and desire to make a difference.

Sylvana grew up in a family that valued education and helping others, which motivated her to excel academically and learn about the world. She began her education at Wellesley College, where she studied economics and philosophy and gained critical thinking skills. She then attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she studied global development and public policy, which fueled her desire to make a difference in emerging markets. Later, she went to Columbia Law School to gain legal knowledge, allowing her to navigate complex regulations and advocate for positive change. Sylvana’s commitment to learning and exploring new fields, from economics to law, reflects her holistic approach to leadership and innovation, positioning her as a visionary leader in transforming healthcare in emerging markets.

Building Praava Health from the Ground Up

Sylvana Q. Sinha’s journey towards founding Praava Health was not a result of convenience but rather a response to necessity. A pivotal moment occurred when her mother faced a health scare during a family visit to Bangladesh, exposing the challenges within the healthcare system. This inspired her to take action, abandoning her promising career in international law to embark on a mission to transform healthcare in Bangladesh. Her decision stemmed from a deep desire to address the shortcomings she witnessed firsthand, which led her to believe that meaningful change was required. Thus, she took on the daunting task of starting Praava Health from scratch, determined to provide Bangladeshis with accessible, high-quality healthcare solutions.

Disrupting Healthcare Standards in Bangladesh

The healthcare system in Bangladesh faces significant challenges, including a lack of quality care and a changing population. To address these issues, Praava Health emerged as a game changer, providing a comprehensive solution. They focused on providing high-quality, easily accessible, and affordable healthcare. Fostering strong relationships between doctors and patients while also providing high-quality medical tests and pharmacy services, Praava Health made a significant impact. Their smart “brick-and-click” system combines digital health tools and clinic visits to meet the needs of Bangladesh’s 170 million people. This high-tech method allows them to work more efficiently and reach more people, particularly in developing countries. Praava Health is using technology and prioritizing patients to make significant changes in healthcare in Bangladesh and elsewhere.

The Tech-Forward Model of Praava Health

Praava Health’s success stems from its smart “brick-and-click” healthcare system, which seamlessly integrates digital tools and clinic visits. This high-tech setup makes healthcare accessible, even in remote areas. Praava Health is at the forefront of using technology to provide high-quality healthcare to Bangladesh’s diverse population. They do not just provide regular healthcare; they also use telemedicine and remote care. Praava Health reaches more people, including those in underserved areas, making healthcare more equitable in Bangladesh. Praava Health’s use of technology in all aspects of healthcare demonstrates its commitment to innovation and inclusion to make people healthier overall.

Recognition and Impact

Praava Health’s new way of doing things has gotten a lot of attention worldwide. Big schools like Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School have studied Praava’s creative business approach and found it works well. Several famous media outlets have reported on Praava’s impact on healthcare in developing countries, including Forbes Magazine and the Financial Times. Praava Health has also won awards from important organizations, like Fast Company naming it a world idea in 2020 and the World Economic Forum recognizing it as a technology pioneer in 2021. With Praava’s fast growth and lots of patients—more than half a million—it’s clear that Praava is making a big difference in how healthcare is done and in the health of people in Bangladesh.

Interview Insights with Sylvana Q. Sinha

Sinha spoke candidly with Future Startup about various aspects of Bangladesh’s healthcare system as well as Praava Health’s strategic direction. She provided valuable insights into Praava’s journey and plans, ranging from the state of private investment in healthcare to the company’s expanding portfolio of digital healthcare services. She also emphasized the value of community engagement and collaboration in Praava Health’s approach to addressing healthcare challenges in Bangladesh. Sylvana emphasized the importance of forming partnerships with local communities, governments, and international organizations to ensure long-term and inclusive healthcare solutions. To improve the nation’s healthcare, Praava Health plans to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem that will broaden its impact and reach.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Sylvana Q. Sinha

Sylvana’s transition to entrepreneurship was a natural progression coming from her experience in international law, management consulting, and public service. Sylvana began her entrepreneurial journey with a clear vision of leveraging innovative solutions to address pressing social and economic challenges. Her journey exemplifies resilience and adaptability as she navigates the complexities of launching a healthcare startup in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Sylvana’s entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her dedication to social impact, has established her as a trailblazer at the intersection of business and social change, inspiring a new generation of changemakers in the process.

Advocacy for Women Entrepreneurs

Sylvana Q. Sinha is a female entrepreneur facing challenges in getting funding in developing countries. She strongly supports women entrepreneurs, saying they can boost the economy and make social changes. She points out that women-led businesses in developing countries have fewer funding opportunities. mentoring them, organizing networking events, and forming partnerships—she doesn’t just talk about it; she actively helps women entrepreneurs. Sylvana provides women with resources and support to succeed in business on par with men. Her dedication to helping women entrepreneurs helps the economy in the long run and encourages creativity and resilience in developing countries.

Leadership and Impact

Sylvana Q. Sinha shows strong leadership in an industry where few CEOs are women. Despite facing challenges and being underestimated, she remains determined to make a difference and support women in healthcare. Sylvana’s commitment to creating a supportive work environment for women reflects her integrity as a leader. Praava Foundation, the charity arm of Praava Health, works hard to improve healthcare for communities in need and offer job training and education to women. Using her influence, She continues to inspire future female leaders and make positive changes in healthcare and society.


“The problem just seemed so big, and I somehow had the naive courage to think that I could do something about it.”

“As a female leader, I think I have been both challenged and underestimated. But ultimately, it makes me better, and it makes my company better.”


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