PortfoPlus Wins FinTech Awards 2019 in Insurance


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PortfoPlus is honored to receive FinTech Awards 2019 in Insurance – Outstanding Personal Insurance Management Platform from etnet for its outstanding contribution in promoting excellence and innovation in the use of FinTech in insurance industry.  

The FinTech Awards started in year 2017 with judging panel consisting of professionals of the FinTech and information and communications technology (ICT) industry. The award aims to recognize companies that contribute to the outstanding innovation and promotion initiatives in FinTech. It has been a highly recognized award with winners including renowned banks and communications companies in Hong Kong, to name a few, such as HKT, DBS and Hang Seng Bank. 

PortfoPlus was established in year 2016 with the vision to increase public awareness to insurance, and more importantly, to solve the problems of messy insurance policies and ‘orphan policies’, which has been a headache to many insurance clients. Our platform enable advisers to consolidate the insurance policies of their clients and provide objective analysis on their client’s insurance coverage. This allows the clients to be truly protected by sufficient insurance coverage, and come into effect when they need insurance claims. 

Colin Wong, Founder of PortfoPlus said, “ I thank all users of PorfoPlus for their valuable suggestions to my team so that we can make PorfoPlus a reality, and become an up-and-coming rising star in insurance industry.”

Last year PortfoPlus has made over 20 new features in our platform. These changes allow insurance advisers to truly understand their clients’ insurance protection needs and has boost tremendously the advisers’ business values. In the future we will continue to pursue our vision “Know Your Coverage, Be Well Protected”, be customer-centric and sustain our innovation. Apart from helping insurance advisers to understand their client’s insurance needs, we plan to launch another platform for the clients so that they can consolidate their own insurance policies easily. PortfoPlus, with the vision to have everyone to be on our insurance platform, will continue to enlarge our user base in Hong Kong, and seek opportunities to extend our footprint in South East Asia in the near future. 

About PortfoPlus

As a FinTech startup company, our team have 20+ years of work experience in insurance industry, therefore fully understand the insurance agents’ & clients’ need. Bringing the concept of insurance to everyone, and to every families and organizations, we will try our best to achieve the mission of “Know Your Coverage, Be Well Protected”.


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