FXOpen:- The Most Trusted Partner in Retail Forex Trading Industry


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16 years back, while managing an educational center ‘FXOpen’ for stock and foreign exchange in Cairo, Egypt, the founders of the institution realized the business would be more beneficial if it would expand into a wider range of services. Quickly, the founders researched and effectively identified the way to grow into an advanced solution provider in the retail forex trading industry. From there on, they envisioned a brokerage center at the heart of Auckland in New Zealand that offers exceptional solutions to customers. And, this dream turned into reality in 2005 when FXOpen saw the light of day as a complete forex brokerage services provider that delivers the best trading conditions, financial services, and training to traders around the world.

“Since the very start, FXOpen has been true and loyal to its goal to make forex trading more professional, easy-to-access, and secure. We know what it takes to achieve success in Forex and the pitfalls that may impede traders on their way there,” avers Alexey Stepanov, CEO of FXOpen.

Beginning from there, FXOpen has come a long way over the years. Today, the company efficiently delivers professional services in analytics, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, and investing in PAMM accounts with excellent customer support. And, these exceptional services made FXOpen hold the position of one of the leading and fastest-growing Forex brokers globally.

Delivering Exceptional Financial Services

With the volume of the foreign exchange market crossing 5.3 trillion USD each day, the forex trading is the biggest market in the world. Its vendors are in a long struggle to introduce and deliver sophisticated services in order to meet the growing needs of customers.

Unlike the others, FXOpen promises unique and varied services that are long demanded by the forex traders. FXOpen facilitates easy navigation, convenient interface, smooth performance, as well as relevant trading features and tools—the major characteristics of a good trading platform.

Besides, FXOpen’s competent PAMM technology allows customers to benefit from the strategies of experienced traders with a proven record of successful accomplishments.

In addition, the company is well-positioned in history as the first Forex broker to offer its clients ECN trading via the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) terminals. MT4 unleashes a platform that is both web-based and downloadable. It also offers several options like one-click trade executions, Forex robots, and auto signals.

“Apart from all these services, we welcome Islamic traders and let them take advantage of Forex trading without violating Sharia law by delivering them SWAP free accounts. We always try to understand the different needs of traders from all cultures and beliefs,” adds Mr. Stepanov.

Driving Growth through Account Types

Being the leading and responsible solution provider in the forex industry, FXOpen has launched various account types and programs over the years, including Crypto trading accounts with access to 24 currency pairs. The company also attracts customers through the provision of FX trading products for a small initial deposit of $1. This helps traders to test the market with a small capital before taking the plunge and investing huge money.

Apart from this, FXOpen’s ECN accounts provide highly affordable deposit scheme services at only a $100 to its customers. Within this system, the inactive traders are required to pay a maintenance fee of $10 per month, and a deactivation fee of $50 if they want to close the account.

“For dealing desk and market-making trades, traders can use the FXOpen Micro accounts which resemble cent accounts since the minimum deposit is only $1,” states Mr. Stepanov.

He further adds, “More than this, we offer a 90-day cashback program. Through that, customers can receive an additional refund up to USD 1,000 for any kind of trades who deserve special attention.”

Maintaining Robust Customer Relationships

Concerning relationships with customers, Mr. Stepanov avouches that customers are the backbone of FXOpen. The company is strict on deploying efficient service for its global customers through multiple channels like live chat, call back, and email. All these features are delivered with a trader-oriented approach, convenient trading conditions, and the desire to move forward to consolidate FXOpen as an honest, modern, high-quality and customer-friendly brokerage service.

“All we need to make sure that FXOpen is the best traveling partner of our customers along their road to success. And, we are sure that we do deliver it. This guides us towards a shining future,” sums up Mr. Stepanov.


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