Do Van Long: A Leader Known for Creating Milestones in Vietnam’s Blockchain Industry


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Do Van Long, CEO, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation

Leadership has always been about managing a team, making wise decisions, inspiring and influencing people. However, in this technological-driven business world, the parameters of leadership have changed significantly. Today, being a successful leader also includes understanding and leveraging technology along with leading people. Do Van Long, CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation, is such a leader with a proven track record of introducing innovation solution in the market. He has 19 years of experience in executive management roles, C-level, CTO for E-commerce, Travel, Hospitality, and Finance. Mr. Long specializes in creating innovative enterprise solutions related to ERP, CRM, SCM, Financial solutions, Business Intelligence, and now Blockchain Services & Business Strategy development for Agriculture, Logistics, Supply Chain, Fintech, and Smart City. 

“When I first started in the industry, I had the opportunity of meeting many experts and working directly with them in projects related to Blockchain. I consider it as a new wind with many benefits and potentials to develop and especially bring positive values to society,” shares Mr. Long. He got exposed to ideas and projects that proved compatible and effective when combined with Blockchain technology. “I was impressed and found it matching to my ability and intention; that’s when I decided to work professionally on the field,” recalls Mr. Long.

Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC)

Vietnam Blockchain Corporation develops Blockchain applications to solve current challenges in diverse areas including Agriculture, Public Services, Fintech, Healthtech, and Education. The company’s mission is to empower Vietnam as a Blockchain country by building Expert Hub and Business Gateway from Vietnam to the world. In order to achieve this, VBC has been approaching the Blockchain market in Vietnam with diverse sides including Manufacturing, Sharing Economy, Public Services, and Smart city. In addition, the company is building showrooms and laboratories to study blockchain deeper.

VBC is also one of the very first organizations in Vietnam to use Blockchain for community development. It is cooperating with universities and institutes in Vietnam to help young talents who are interested in Blockchain.

Passionate about helping society through blockchain

Mr. Long believes that Technical and Management skills play a pivotal role in running a successful business, especially for a technology firm. Along with that he stress on the importance of taking initiative and responsibility, clear communication, strategic marketing and sales as pillars for a company’s success.

“To talk about my business values, I would prefer to mention a win-win relationship. For any people involved in our business, they should receive a pleased and positive value,” expresses Mr. Long. He adds, “Our customers should always receive excellent services and products. In Blockchain project, there will be more than a single partner (former users, end-users or other types), and our responsibility is to ensure that there is quality across the board.”

According to Mr. Long, the employees who together directly build up different projects and solutions should have rights to develop their creativities and knowledge. And the company strive to build a supportive, friendly as well as professional work environment. For this, the company conducts frequent training, workshops, and team-building activities for their employees. “Never stop inspiring and coming up with new ideas,” says Mr. Long. “Our primary responsibility is providing Blockchain solutions to the big problems of society. It also means sharing our creativity and spreading our positive spirit to our members as well as clients,” adds Mr. Long.

At times, Mr. Long finds it challenging to make people fully comprehend blockchain technology. Often, before persuading clients to follow the contract, Mr. Long has to clarify the term ‘Blockchain’ which is a complex word and even harder for someone who does not work with the technology. He put himself in other’s shoes on the very first day when he approached Blockchain and turned it to be more practical and simple with many examples and real projects. In all these years, the one thing that has always motivated Mr. Long is his love and passion to contribute something meaningful to society, especially through the power of blockchain. “Many things which are impossible to develop before are now possible with Blockchain technology,” says Mr Long.

“Not only for my customers but also for VBC’s members, from an advisory board to anyone who has come to VBC as a teammate, I love to share and be shared,” says Mr Long.

Awards and Accolades for Vietnam Blockchain Corporation

Today, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation is constantly enhancing its knowledge and always pushing the envelope in the field. Along with his team, Mr. Long has created a niche in the market. The company has been recognised on multiple occasion for their works in blockchain including the award for Digitizing Made-in Vietnam products, Top 10 Vietnam Famous Brands and Labels 2020, Integrating Courageous CEO 2020, Top 10 National Brands 2020, and Top 20 Gold Quality Products For Consumer Benefits.

Th future looks very bright for the company with many interesting projects on the line. Currently, the company is working on a project called ‘SARS-CoV-2 Test Certificate’ to support solving the problems for Covid-19. This includes checking the test results, managing, collecting, and identifying patient treatment data when people go back to work with the Covid Test Certificates on Blockchain as a historical guarantee Proof. It is also working on providing a certificate for online learners with Blockchain QR Sticker. Other project includes a system for voting online in election and evaluating the satisfaction of consumers with transparency and trustable results.


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