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Bill Rayburn, CEO, Mtrading

Countless traders who enter the Forex market every day encounter failure. The reason is that they don’t have an executable strategy. When traders do not have an executable strategy, they may end up losing money. A trader should have basic knowledge and perform proper research before dealing with foreign currency, stocks, commodities, indices trading, and so on. After acquiring knowledge about Forex trading and all sorts of stuff, traders have to face another challenge.

Traders usually undergo a challenge to know which Forex broker is right for them as hundreds or even thousands of online Forex brokers are available. The reason is that one cannot believe all Forex traders just like that. In this bewildering setting, MTrading, a reliable leading online broker, gives a ray of hope.

Established in 2012, MTrading provides simple and easy access to currency, stocks, commodities, and indices trading. It has established an international presence and is trusted all over the globe. The company has 10 offices around the world, operating in key cities in Asia-Pacific and the emerging markets of Africa and South America. It has more than 25,000 satisfied traders and 5000 profiting partners.

“With over 250,000 clients around the world, we are a well-established international financial company,” says CEO of MTrading.

Trading Platforms of MTrading

MTrading provides customers with all the necessary software and tools to trade safely and seamlessly. “Our platforms are suitable for all major operating systems,” says the company’s CEO.

MTrading provides platforms, such as MetaTrader 4, MT4 Supreme Edition, MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal, and MT4 Web Trader. Traders can choose any platform to their convenience, as there are different strokes for different folks.

MetaTrader 4 is designed for trading and analyzing financial markets, specifically for Forex and CFDs offering an easy-to-use interface for beginners and experienced traders alike. Customers can trade currency pairs, CFDs, commodities, and other highly liquid assets. MT4 requires only minimal resources to perform at an optimal rate and great speed. Since MT4 is set with 129-bit encryption software, it protects data between traders and servers.

If traders choose MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal, it will let them place market and pending orders, view live market prices, and monitor all account balances and equity in real time. Any trader can easily master this program in a few minutes as this combines rich functionality with exceptionally high usability. If traders choose an MT4 Supreme Edition, it gives their trading a competitive edge. Traders can take their trading to the next level through MTrading trading platforms.

Those who want to discover the world of trading can join hands with MTrading.

“We offer advantageous trading terms and various account types suitable for traders with different experience levels,” says CEO.


In the fast-paced, economy-focused, and tech-driven world, financial education is more important for living. MTrading strives to provide its clients with the best free materials on Forex, stocks, indices, and commodities trading.

MTrading provides education and spreads knowledge through Webinars, financial seminars, and articles and tutorials.  The company teaches trading financial markets online. Experts in MTrading have helped thousands of users to take their trading level to the top. In addition, MTrading has arranged high-quality educational events in 10 countries, working with keynote speakers and financial professionals. The company provides a wide range of articles and tutorials that fully cover the subject of trading financial markets and even more.

Traders can understand about Forex basics, Forex strategy, and Forex indicators through articles and tutorials provided by the company.

How the Company is Different from Others?

  • With respect to trading conditions

MTrading is different from others in many aspects. Through MTrading, traders can learn how to trade by exploring the educational materials from the company’s experts and practice on a free demo account. Traders can choose their partnership program and unlock the new earning opportunities now. Unlike other brokers, MTrading provide some of the best trading conditions in the industry, including 1:1000 leverage, spreads from 0 pips, fast orders execution and more.

  • With respect to payment systems and protecting clients’ funds

MTrading has flexible options for traders all over the world. MTrading offer flexible and convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds, such as a variety of electronic payment systems, bank cards, and wire transfer options.

MTrading does not directly handle the traders’ funds. The company works with local banks to secure financial transactions. All deposits and withdrawals are conducted through the company’s affiliate banks.

The company’s relationships with clients are regulated by the Financial Commission, which guarantees the protection of each trader’s funds up to 20,000 EUR. In accordance with industry regulations, clients’ funds are segregated from the company’s own assets in a regulated banking institution.

“Your funds are available to at all times, and cannot be used by MTrading for any purpose”, says CEO.

  • With respect to clients

MTrading treats its clients in a wonderful manner. The company provides them, wherever they are, with high-quality financial products and services, to help them achieve their goals.

“Our clients are worldwide. Our clients’ long-term sustainable development and growth is our top priority”, says CEO.

Vision of MTrading

MTrading has a vision of being the world’s first choice when it comes to Forex trading. The company’s market-leading platform and convenient trading conditions suit a diverse client base. Integrity, innovation, and trust and reliability reflect the already existing practices of the company.


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