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Luther Brown, Founder and CEO, nVision Global

The global pandemic has unveiled the vulnerabilities and fragilities in the current supply chain ecosystem. One of the key issues underscored by this crisis is the lack of end-to-end visibility in the supply chain network. Poor visibility has hindered the supply chain and logistics industry for decades. In fact, according to a recent industry report, 94% of supply chain and logistic businesses lack complete visibility throughout their operation. Poor freight visibility leads to poor logistics planning, poor decision making, excessive expenditures, and delayed timelines. This gradually deteriorates a business’ revenue, efficiency, productivity, and customer experience.

Therefore, to remain financially viable, especially during this time of rampant uncertainty, it is critical for shippers and freight service providers to have real-time visibility into orders and shipments in transit. Cognizant of this fact, nVision Global offers a wide array of logistics solutions and services that provides end-to-end shipment track/trace visibility. Founded in 1993 in Atlanta, GA (USA), nVision Global is a pioneer in the supply chain services and technology industry.

“In today’s global dynamic market, real-time freight visibility is more important than ever. Also, reducing overall freight costs and ensuring capacity for both inbound raw materials and outbound customer shipments is paramount. nVision Global provides supply chain technology that drives efficiencies throughout the supply chain and as customers’ business changes, our technology and services solutions adapts and behaves seamlessly alongside,” says Luther Brown, the Founder, and CEO of nVision Global.

Delivering a Complete Suite of Logistics Solutions

nVision Global offers a multitude of solutions for shippers around the globe to help them optimize their supply chain and gain access to critical data. An integral component of nVision Global’s software solutions is IMPACT TMS, an efficient Cloud-Based Transportation Management System that manages the entire supply chain across all modes from pickup to delivery. This modular solution performs various functions including order management, shipment creation, auto-rating, spot quote and reverse auction, auto-tender/booking, shipment track and trace and freight invoice auditing for all modes and services.

“Our services include an end-to-end transportation management system for visibility and control of all inbound purchase orders, as well as outbound shipment executions. This includes automated business processes for freight audit and transportation invoices, loss and damage cargo claims, contract management, procurement, benchmarking followed by Business Intelligence and Data Analytics that allows shippers to understand their business and make necessary changes immediately,” states Brown.

As a global leader in freight invoice audit and payment, nVision Global offers the most accurate, hassle-free audit in the industry. Its proprietary technology and programmatic rate audit at the shipment level enables its customers to save up to 10-15% of their annual transportation costs, while providing a prompt, accurate, and complete audit of their customer’s negotiated pricing contracts, rates, accessorial, and taxes.

Additionally, nVision Global’s shipment visibility module enables customers to view current and historical shipment tracking information, which is populated via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications between nVision Global and the customer’s transportation providers. nVision Global’s Procurement solution on the other hand offers an online portal with industry-leading analytical solutions that allow customers to procure new rates for their shipping lanes and determine the best provider for any given lane, globally.

The Four Key Pillars of nVision Global

The four key attributes that embody the core strengths of nVision Global are experience, technology, global reach, and flexibility. With more than 27 years of experience in the industry, nVision Global provides reliable and efficient global freight invoice audit, payment and transportation spend management services. This helps their clients reduce their freight costs, prevent incorrect payments, generate analytics that drives critical decisions, and reallocate valuable resources to revenue-generating roles, as well as to ultimately become more profitable. nVision Global leverages cutting-edge technology to offer configurable, cost-saving solutions that streamlines and optimizes its customer’s logistics challenges. Another key factor that gives nVision Global a unique edge in the market is its global presence. Its full-service processing centers are strategically placed around the globe, enabling nVision Global to offer regional expertise and customer support in more than 25 languages. Ultimately, nVision Global has developed its configurable services in such a flexible and robust way so as to meet and exceed the current and foreseeable future challenges and requirements of their customers.

Committed to Attaining Total Customer Satisfaction

Undoubtedly, the success of nVision Global lies in its ability to deliver exceptional solutions and services. But what truly sets it apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company relentlessly works to understand its customers’ requirements and develop solutions that exceed their expectations. nVision Global has more than 150 dedicated systems software specialists, developing applications and solutions to accommodate customers’ needs and to drive improved processes within the supply chain. Moreover, having 7 brick and mortar facilities throughout the world and associates in more than 12 countries, nVision Global is well placed to provide its customers with the attention they need, in the languages required. This value-driven and customer-focused approach has catapulted nVision Global into a global leader role in the logistics industry with over 4,000 customers.

“nVision Global welcomes and provides quarterly business reviews (QBR) for its customers for all services provided. The QBR provides a customer cost avoidance review that provides details of the savings generated during the quarter. Our customer service and backend support teams then work with our customers daily to ensure expectations are being met,” elaborates Luther Brown.

Continues Pursuing Excellence and Innovation

With its world-class solutions and extensive experience in the industry today, nVision Global has attracted clients in varied sectors including, Automotive, Retail, Medical, Chemical, Aerospace, Industrial Manufacturing Goods, Energy, Oil & Gas, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Business Services. Throughout 2021, nVision Global anticipates processing transactions in excess of more than $6.5 billion USD in freight spend from these various business verticals.

Looking to the future, nVision Global plans to continue investing in its supply chain solutions, innovative technologies, and associates to further enhance its customers’ experience. nVision Global constantly strives to stay up to date with the latest technologies in order to drive efficiencies and savings for their customers. With its industry-leading, end-to-end supply chain solutions, cutting-edge technology, and value-driven services, nVision Global is laying the foundation for continued excellence and market leadership in the logistics sector.


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