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In the past few months, Covid-19 pandemic has altered almost every aspect of people’s personal and professional lives. The way you work today is no longer the same as one year ago, and you already know that. Due to the technology, more and more specialized professionals in the market have to deal with ups and downs. Changes are always happening, and it is up to companies and employees to adapt in the best possible way to these new trends in the future of work.

In this context, business leaders must understand that changes are transforming the way people work and how business is done. Whoever responds effectively will ensure that your organization stands out from the competition. 

To help you prepare for the future of work, here we have separated 3 trends in the future of work, which are the consequences of social isolation. . Check out:

Full adoption of the home office and hybrid work

Firstly, while talking about transformation and trends for the future of work, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind, at this point, is remote work. All of a sudden, companies had to adjust their work model for the home office, the only possible way to keep their operations in quarantine while preserving the integrity of their employees. 

The fact is that working from anywhere in the world has become a reality. And what previously faced some resistance, proved successful in its realization. Without the need – or the possibility – to bring the workforce together in a physical environment, organizations realized that employees can be productive even from a distance. And yet, it is possible to make a profit and supply the demand without having to follow such rigid routines of time and place.

Humans and robots working together 

The feeling that robots would dominate the world and take the jobs of humans by storm was left behind. We leave that to the movies and land in the reality that the interaction between men and bots is our reality. However, the truth is that workers will learn and perform new tasks as their jobs become automated. Humans will be increasingly needed but not for repetitive tasks, but to give a critical and creative direction to the insights that bots will bring. 

According to McKinsey research reports that 50% of respondents say that their companies have already adopted Artificial Intelligence in at least one of their business functions. All of this shows the increasingly intrinsic connection between professionals and machines.

Connectivity based on digital technology 

While talking about tools, it is true that, in the pandemic, we have progressed even faster in the creation and usability of technological solutions, from the massive use of the mobile internet to the increase in automation and machine learning. 

Thus, solutions based on digital technologies appear, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), which makes it possible to carry out activities with greater efficiency, such as predictive maintenance on commercial and industrial assets. Or even Cloud services, which allow the entire organization to work remotely, accessing the necessary data and in complete safety.


Given this approach, companies must observe the individual, not the collective. As noted, Covid-19 reinforced the belief that human concerns are not separate from technological advances but is essential to capture the full value of innovations.


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