Digital: The New Normal for Marketing


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Amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19, people are still trying to settle into the ‘New Normal’. Along with impacting human life, global pandemic has changed the business landscape altogether. The pandemic crisis has started impacting global business and the economy as well. But the businesses can still sustain themselves and recover from the economic crisis by changing their marketing strategies keeping the new consumer habits in mind. It has become a challenge for marketers to manage the crisis and plan for the future making the marketing more critical and complex than ever for many businesses.

As people are spending more time at home, they are browsing the internet more frequently than before. As most of the consumers are staying indoors and are online, digital marketing might be the company’s best antidote against this crisis.

Digital marketing can be used to reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. This method of marketing is a safety measure due to its agility and better performance in various business domains.

We have listed a few steps for businesses that are looking to use Digital Marketing during the time of crisis below.

Being Smart is the Key

Businesses need to work smarter than before and be ready to tackle the challenges ahead and retain existing customers. During this crisis, even a small charisma can result in huge gains for a business. It’s time to place the business at the frontline of the next economy and walk towards success. Many big companies and businesses are using smart marketing and advertising campaigns to promote positivity and communicate important messages to their consumers.

Being Social

It is essential for companies to keep in touch with loyal customers. While people are working from home, they are spending more time online now than ever. From students to adults, everyone is obsessed with social media. With increased reach, engagement, and time spent on social platforms, it would be wise for businesses to increase their social media efforts and put their brands in front of the target audience. Currently, mobile phones are swiftly being considered as a strong medium to connect digitally. Mainly, two sectors, healthcare, and retail sector will have a huge shift in consumer behavior and buying patterns will change.


It is a great opportunity for businesses to improve their online visibility and promote their products and services to attract more customers and get more attention in front of existing and potential clients. Planning to build brand awareness and gain visibility, driving visitors to the website to attract future sales. The company can improve its visibility by using dynamic, animated digital advertising messages or small length Audiovisual in local LED out of home properties.

Existence on Google

Advertising on Google is very important as it helps in reaching the brand relevant to the target audience. Businesses can use Pay Per Click, which is a cost-efficient lead generation. It is also wise to put advertisements on these platforms as online newspapers are getting popular during this crisis. They can also use CRO, SEO, and YouTube advertising to boost ads and generate leads.


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