Trends revolutionizing delivery service in 2020


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The food delivery industry continues to grow at a breakneck pace, and it does not seem that the growth will stop anytime soon. According to the NPD group, digital orders have increased 23% a year since 2013 and are expected to triple by 2020. 

With the advanced technologies, 2020 plans to be a surprising year for the home delivery sector. Specifically, online delivery applications are meeting the needs of consumers who have developed new consumption habits such as home delivery salad or breakfast at the computer or lunch break taken on the go.

Hold on to this article to check out these key trends for the year 2020

  • Virtual restaurants or Ghost restaurants

Ghost Restaurant is a growing trend in the restaurant industry. With consumers’ growing demand for delivery, traditional restaurants are increasingly choosing to move away from physical establishments and focus more on home delivery. 

These virtual restaurants do not have a storefront, but only cook the orders placed online and deliver them using delivery services. With rental prices soaring, restaurants have no choice but to look for ways to reduce operating costs and keep labor costs under control. The number of ghost restaurants is set to grow further in 2020.

  • Advanced Technology

The delivery of meals taking a considerable scale, the restaurateurs can sometimes find themselves a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, companies like Deliverect are emerging to make life easier for these entrepreneurs and thanks to the cutting-edge technologies for making it easier.

Deliverect allows you to integrate several online meal delivery service platforms directly into your checkout system. And you no longer need to use multiple iPads and receive all orders directly in your checkout. Managers who used to manually encode all delivery orders at the end of the day are significantly saving time.

  • Ordering Via Virtual Assistant

The ordering process has become highly automated, especially with kiosks, applications and online ordering sites such as Deliveroo, UberEats or Takeaway. 

It is becoming easier and easier for consumers to place and receive their orders without really interacting with a human person. With the virtual assistants, also known as chatbots customers can now place their orders directly. For example, Domino’s Pizza has created a virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger called Dom via which customers can directly order with emojis. Same thing with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, integrated into Grubhub or Just Eat, this functionality allows customers to order one of their last three orders orally. As we all know Artificial Intelligence, automation and robotics play an important role in the food industry. It is expected that in 2020 small businesses will also try to compete with large enterprises by using this technology to their advantage. 

  • Robots at your doorstep

Bikes and scooters will be increasingly replaced by all kinds of more modern options, such as robots or drones. Uber Eats even plans to launch a drone delivery service by 2021. 

With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, delivery cars and self-propelled robots have emerged in the market to make the customer’s life easier and simpler. Eat24, in collaboration with technology start-up Marble and Yelp, has created autonomous distribution robots. These robots use high-resolution 3D cameras, Lidar sensors and city maps to determine the most precise route and avoid collisions with pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other machines.


With constant advancement, there are numerous new features and functionalities to anticipate this year. With new features, there are chances that the revenue might cross the anticipated data and leap ahead. Let’s see how things unfurl in the coming future for the delivery sector. Share Share


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