JinkoSolar: An Undisputed Leader in Global Solar PV Market


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Danny Qian, Vice President, Jinkosolar

The solar PV industry is waking up to the realization that it needs to evolve with its changing customer requirements and expectation. The focus must be therefore to roll out new services and leverage multiple technologies while achieving greater transparency. However, the industry faces a number of barriers to achieve this. The reduction in subsidies and tariffs and cut in incentive programs make it challenging to control costs and ensure customer satisfaction. 

In addition, energy storage and transmission challenges also create a roadblock for the growth of the industry. With the world becoming more dependent on solar power, there is a pressing need to bring in innovative and cost-effective large-scale energy storage solutions and high-speed transmission lines to optimize the use of solar power. Addressing this dire need of the hour, JinkoSolar, a leading Shanghai-based utility service provider has set a benchmark in the PV industry. The solar integrated technical giant offers best-in-class solar products, solutions, and services that not only offer superior quality and efficiency but are also highly cost-effective. 

From A Humble Beginning to Global Success 

JinkoSolar started its journey as a small solar panel maker in 2006 with a passion to make a difference in the industry. Unlike other companies, it aimed at diversified markets rather than a single market. JinkoSolar was the first solar manufacturer who adopted a vertical integrated model based on a symbiotic relationship with its global customers and suppliers which it calls a “grand alliance.” The model worked exceedingly well and led JinkoSolar on its path to success. 

Soon, the thriving company made a mark in the industry as a trendsetter when it made a big decision to conduct its multi to mono transition. This transition not only helped the company to enhance the cost performance of solar products but also enabled it to create a new market for the industry.  Thus, with its rock-solid determination and relentless pursuit for technology innovation and excellence, an ordinary solar panel maker transformed into a global leader in the industry.

Today, the company has 7 manufacturing sites, 35 subsidiaries, and offices worldwide. However, finding its place in this highly competitive market was no cakewalk for JinkoSolar. It took strong leadership, forwarding strategy, and thorough execution for the company to survive in the fast-changing industry landscape and the wobbling global economy. 

An In-depth Look into JinkoSolar’s Winning Approach

When asked about the secret recipe behind the huge success of the company, Kangping Chen, the CEO of JinkoSolar cited 3 key ingredients — product differentiation, faster time-to-market and investment optimization. While the robust R&D platform and manufacturing excellence differentiate its products from the rest and helps its customers to increase their efficiency, its approach to early market entry based on in-depth knowledge and prediction of the market helps it achieve better result. Moreover, its continuous investment in new technologies and equipment help its customers to drive their margin. 

“We continuously improve our process technologies to let out customers to get the best possible products right the first time. Because that’s what it takes to choreograph a technical and business success,” asserts Kangping. 

Apart from these three core aspects, its unparallel innovation, creativity, and excellence in technology incubation also play a crucial role in JinkoSolar’s success story. An integral part of the company’s innovation excellence is its unique and highly innovative manufacturing capability which not only offers cost-effectiveness of the highest magnitude but also significantly enhances efficiency, flexibility, and quality of the products. 

“The most exciting business policy of JinkoSolar is manufacturing feasible product considering factors like price and circumstance which critically assisted to impact investors and customers having different economical status,” explains Kangping. 

With its intelligent manufacturing, it has gained significantly enhanced capabilities such as intelligent scheduling and precise wafer/cell dispatch, precise process control, process matching, quality monitoring, intelligent equipment & process tuning, and equipment performance improvement. 

While traditional solar companies explore ways to enhance the efficiency of their products, JinkoSolar focuses on creating products that address not only the current market needs but also future anticipated needs. To satisfy the bespoke needs of the global market, the company is also expanding its horizon and accelerating the development of the PV industry through application diversity. This out of the box thinking is something that sets JinkoSolar apart from its competitors. 

Keeping Customer Satisfaction at the Forefront

Always keeping customer need at the core of its operation, JinkoSolar develops products that perfectly align with customer expectations. Its product designs are directly inspired and influenced by evolving customer needs. The deep understanding of end-user needs and specific market requirements enables it to deliver best in class solutions, products, and services.

“The way we let customers satisfied is the way to achieve our success,” says Kangping. 

Set To Conquer New Heights

JinkoSolar has attained a unique edge in the market with its visionary innovations, technology excellence and strong R&D culture combined with extensive intellectual property.  Moving ahead, it intends to continue its efforts to contribute to the betterment of the planet through renewable energy while constantly improving its products and solutions with respect to quality and efficiency. 

Regarding the future, Kangping says, “We aim to achieve 30% market share in the coming 3-5 years by further diversify our global footprint and global grand alliance.”


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