Virtual Productivity: How to make your team achieve its goals remotely


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Do you find it tough to organize processes in virtual meetings? Do you schedule a meeting and feel like you didn’t go far enough? Many times, you must be wondering if you are guiding your remote working team on the right track or not. However, the key to increasing productivity is organization and motivation. 

It sounds simple, but many times the team disperses, and it seems that everyone works without aligning themselves to a specific objective. You should give them continuous guidance and talk to them frequently to monitor the progress of the work. 

Thus, in this article, we will detail some good practices to help your team exceed the goals and stay motivated to propose new improvements in the work.

Establish priorities

Your week should start with three objectives that will guide your team’s work for the week. For their part, each member must have three priorities defined to work based on it. It is recommendable that you hold a meeting at the beginning and end of the day, allowing one minute per member to detail what they accomplished, the tasks they could not finish, and how they think they can improve their work with a view to the next day. 

Also, at the end of the week, you can hold a feedback meeting with each of your team to identify aspects that can be improved for the next few days.

Create the right technology stack

Using technology and software can help your team reach its peak performance, working from anywhere. Ensuring a reliable, safe, and well-equipped infrastructure is the basis of continuous collaboration and effective remote work. Therefore, invest in the technology stack that helps you bridge the physical gap. With tools such as voice, video, online collaboration tools, and file-sharing software, you can ensure that remote team members have an engaging and productive work experience.

Respect cultural differences and see them as a power 

Your remote team members can be from anywhere in the world. Be aware that people from different regions have different customs, even if in the same country. Each human being has a worldview with information that they can add. Put mutual respect among employees on the agenda and see different cultures as a way of learning, personal, and professional maturation. With a welcoming remote team, through an affective dialogue, it is possible to exchange knowledge, promote teamwork, and join forces in favor of good results.

Encourage time management 

While working remotely, there is greater flexibility regarding the schedule. If the manager realizes that the employee is facing difficulties regulating the working time, then it is up to him to suggest training or to present models that help in the organization of schedules. From the moment that employees are trained to manage their own time, it is up to the leader to accompany and guide them, in a way that favors the routine, respecting breaks and rests.


Finally, promote simple rules that bring the team together quickly around a conference call, videoconference, or other communication tools. Finally, don’t forget the essential: trusting your teams is the basis for good collaboration, face-to-face and remotely! 

Remote work is now part of our daily lives; it is up to everyone to adapt to make it pleasant, efficient, and convincing.

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