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Chris Williams, Ceo, Gleeds

Despite strong encouragement by government guidelines and promoting efforts by the software industry, BIM is adopted at relatively slow speeds in construction industries across the world. Gleeds is a leading independent global property and construction consultancy, with over 1800 staff, across 71 offices and 6 continents. The company has been delivering award-winning projects around the world. It helps businesses and investors achieve the best value from their assets by providing advice that’s reassuringly free from conflict of interest. Chris Williams, CEO of the company says, “With over 130 years’ experience, our impartial intelligence is the key to helping clients release their projects on budget, on time and to an exceptional quality.”

Services Offered by the Company

Gleeds offers knowledge solutions across an extensive range domains within BIM. It provides specialist advice, safeguarding the client’s best interest from the complexity of construction and property projects. These services include support from establishing funding opportunities and business plans, to technical team appointment management, through to the implementation, construction, and delivery stages of projects. The company prides itself on offering the very best service to clients by bringing impartial and intelligent added value to each project. The extensive range of services falls into 4 main categories such as Advisory, Commercial & Contract Management, Program & Project Management and, Property & Asset Management.

Gleeds also offers BIM & Information Management services. Building Information Modeling (BIM) brings predictability to capital delivery and efficiency to asset operation. “Our information managers work with clients to implement BIM processes that will manage risk and cut waste throughout the asset lifecycle,” asserts William. By using defined processes and technology, the best value can be driven throughout the asset life cycle. The company believes that a high proportion of people tend to focus on the technical IT application of BIM, which often leads to a lack of engagement and adoption. It’s all about information management–delivering it in the right format, to the right people, at the right time.

The company has rained and accredited BIM Information Managers, so we are one of the few organizations that help clients adopt a BIM strategy for their projects. Data collated through BIM can be extracted and manipulated to create detailed cost and program models to keep the clients’ current project on track and to guide future developments.

Gleeds in China

Williams says, “As independent construction consultants, we give our clients advice reassuringly free from any conflict of interest. Our long experience in the country means we’re adept at finding solutions for local challenges.”

Gleeds treats every project with fresh eyes. The team helps clients plan, control, monitor, and report upon all aspects of the project. Their financial expertise helps them deliver buildings on time, within budget, and to the highest quality. The company has the detailed local market knowledge and excellent cost intelligence. It invests heavily in training to develop its people, creating a loyal team that the clients depend on and value.

It encourages its people to work around the world, broadening the understanding it offers to the clients.

“Our clients also benefit from our expatriate specialists and the support of the wider Gleeds network. We work with our clients in Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Spanish, German and English,” asserts Willaims.

He goes on saying, “We work closely with our clients, as a proactive and forward-looking member of their team. We use our knowledge and expertise to challenge design teams and contractors, to achieve the best possible solutions.”

To ensure high quality the company commits to demanding standards. It has a rigorous quality management system in place, certified to ISO 9001:2008, to ensure that the company can continually improve its service to the clients. Integrity underpins the company’s reputation, and abides by the UK’s Bribery Act 2010, to ensure zero tolerance of corruption.

Vision and Values of the Company

Gleeds work on the world’s most exciting projects, partner with great clients, and attract top talent. The company’s core values are the basis of its success. It includes its commitment to their clients and people, being creative and realistic, and its ability to combine professionalism with personality. It believes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the client’s challenges. Its experience is based on combining 130 years of expertise and experience in new ways that make a genuine difference to projects. Through an entrepreneurial and flexible approach, the company is prepared to look outside of the norm to find the perfect answer. Working on the world’s most exciting projects means giving its clients solutions above and beyond their expectations. As Building Magazine’s judging panel said, “No-one combines professionalism with a personality like Gleeds.”

Richard Steer, Chairman of the company says, “Our vision is to create a business that attracts the very best clients, projects, and people in the industry.”


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