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Jodene Denton, CEO & Founder, Yepsketch

A decade ago, the demand for a centralized library that consisted of 3D models and content was apparent in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. Not many organizations operating in the sector had the capability to develop an effective centralized library that could meet the expectations of architects. Jodene Denton, who was working with a company in the kitchen design industry, became aware of the situation through the architects working in the firm.

Jodene knew with her experience, talent, and persistence, she could fulfill the demand of the architects. Determined to build an ideal centralized library, she worked her way through the challenges and established her first company: Yepsketch. However, she wanted Yepsketch to have a USP that would set them apart from other libraries in the industry. Through research, she understood that having a full range of 3D and BIM files in the library can definitely be a game-changer. Ten years on, it remains as the differentiating factor that prompts hordes of customers to subscribe to Yepsketch’s library.

Carving a Niche in the Market

The demand for Yepsketch’s library grew over the years. To further support designers, builders, and architects, Yepsketch started introducing other 3D services, including lifestyle and product renders, product configurators and visualisers, virtual reality and animations. The introduction of new services paved the way for more customers and immense growth, leading to the inclusion of two sub-companies under Yepsketch: Yeplibrary and Yepstudio. 

Yeplibrary was established to provide high-quality 3D and BIM products in the luxury sector of design. It provides a wide range of objects that include luxury furnishing, interior finishes, kitchens and bathroom products, building materials among numerous others. Customers soon acknowledged Yeplibrary for its customer-friendliness of 3D models and array formats that ensure all models are universally compatible with software programs.

While Yeplibrary is constantly growing and meeting every unmet need of customers, Yepstudio is a creative agency that offers personalized design solutions at cost-effective prices. Leveraging new technologies, Yepstudio brings to life customers’ ideas, products, and projects. It arms them with the ability to visualize through its 3D model, virtual reality solutions, and 360-degree product views. “Our expertise in creating digital reality allows us to explore new boundaries. We explore light, shadow, shapes and materials to simulate the ideal project,” says Jodene Denton, CEO & Founder of Yepsketch.

Visionary Leadership

The success of Yepsketch can be attributed to the visionary leadership and the yearning for growth of Jodene Denton and Rachael Ruprecht, General Manager of Yepsketch. Both bring vast industry experience to the table that demonstrates youthful tenacity and innovation, coupled with strong business acumen. Their passion for innovation continues to inspire Yepsketch’s team to develop new software, codes, and scripts that are unique. This innovation-driven culture that fosters creativity and collaboration has allowed Yepsketch to stay ahead of the curve and set a precedent for others to follow.

Jodene’s unique ability to forge relationships with global brands has been one of the reasons for its international growth. In the era of virtual meetings, Jodene and Rachael take 5-8 international trips every year to meet their clients in their head offices. These face to face meetings allow Yepsketch to get more clarity on clients’ requirements and serve them according to their needs.

For instance, Kohler, a recognized brand for kitchen and bath fixtures in the U.S., approached Yepstudio for its high-quality end-to-end 3D concepts. The objective of Kohler was to give interactive engagement session for their customers by providing stunning lifestyle renders of new bathrooms and virtual reality experiences. 

Upon receiving the requested briefing materials from Kohler, the team at Yepstudio starts developing the design. The first step involves texturing and rendering products to make the design look as realistic as possible. Subsequently, the plans are colored, textured, and landscaped. “Some of this project involves simulation of real-world surfaces and lighting,” says Denton. Artistic touch and solid technical background are a must for the whole process.

Yepstudio gives Kohler the desired result by producing final renders at 300dpi print quality and approximately 2000pixels *2000 pixels. Yepstudio also provides them with the required virtual reality tools. The solution empowers Kohler to provide an amazing experience to its clients enabling them to truly visualize their new bathroom before it gets built.

Stepping Stone to a Brighter Future

Focus on innovation and exploring new possibilities while consistency delivering quality services and solutions has placed Yepsketch at the edge of the competition. Today, the team is working on a digitalization system to further streamline its internal process. It has the system that automatically manage orders and the issuing of estimates in order to give quick answers to customers. It is implementing AI and machine learning virtual reality. “In the coming years, we would like to develop sustainability in design through BIM,” affirms Denton.

Yepsketch has many products in production at the moment, but its clients are eagerly waiting for their new product for the configuration world that is set to launch in the coming months. “It is innovative and leading-edge, and we are confident that it will meet our customers’ expectations,” asserts Denton. 

The narrative of Yepsketch may seem like an overnight success story, but it isn’t.  The growth of Yepsketch was organic, and it has gone through several phases of evolution over the years. Yepsketch is reinforcing that anything is truly possible with determination, commitment, and passion.


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