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Shiraz Ansari, Ceo, Grid Design Solutions

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries have long sought techniques to decrease project cost, increase productivity and quality, and reduce project delivery time. Enlightened companies in the industry are moving towards collaborative working practices, where all design team members are engaged at an earlier stage in the design process, aided by building information modeling (BIM) tools. BIM represents a new paradigm within AEC, one that encourages the integration of the roles of all stakeholders on a project. It has the potential to bring about great efficiency as well as harmony among players who all too often in the past saw themselves as adversaries. One of India’s leading Structural Design, Structural Drafting, and Architectural Design solution provider, Grid Design Solutions offers expert service in Structural engineering and Building Design. It is a certified engineering consultancy expertise in structural, architectural, and BIM services.

The company was founded in 2007 to provide distinctive, high-quality solutions to its clients. Over the past five years GDS has stepped up its strategy by integrating the drafting and design process to a 3D model conversion. Since its inception, it has been catering to the requirements of a variety of customers ranging from Construction companies, General Contractors, Structural and Architectural firms around the globe.

Astounding Services

GDS conquers a wide range of services like 3D BIM, Architectural Modeling, Drawings, CAD Drawings, CAD tool development, Civil Engineering Construction, Design, AUTO clash detect, building structures, structural analysis, structural drawing, structural drafting, and bar bending schedule.

Structural Designing

GDS delivers excellent structural designing capability comprising highly trained engineers and technicians whose combined flair and expertise bring challenging projects. The company undertakes contracts on an economical scale with a professional approach. The team consists of structural engineers who are well experienced in BS & ACI Codes. The team analyzes and computes the wide structural drawings configuration which can be dynamic and static with advanced software like STAAD, E-TABS, PROCON, and RAPT.

Structural Drafting 

GDS has a well-experienced team exclusively for preparing Structural Shop Drawings with Bar Bending Schedule. All the CAD Technicians/REVIT Modelers are trained in BS, EURO, ACI & IS Standards. The company uses the most advanced tools and computer simulation software’s to provide the best drawings according to client requirements. GDS specializes in providing accurate, quick, and cost-effective Structural Drafting Services.

BIM Services

Driven by the need to improve the quality of building and reduce the costs of designing and maintaining them, building owners, design teams, contractors and facility managers are seeking ways to share information more effectively. BIM is the natural corollary to Design Management Services. GDS uses a suite of powerful software tools to flawlessly execute any BIM project, including Revit Architecture and Revit Structure.

Shiraz Ansari, CEO of the company says, “We actively follow the latest industrial development and innovations in software as a part of our daily work. As a result we can upgrade our techniques and stand in the front row among other competitive service providers in the market.”

The Journey of GDS towards a Sustainable Future        

The company incorporates principles of sustainability into our business decisions and supply environmentally friendly products on services that replace the demand for non-green service. It implies the sustainability operations of integrating alternative energy sources into the projects. The green transportation infrastructure is one that provides opportunities for people to get around their communities using their own power such as walking, biking, or by other more environmentally sensitive means like trains or buses. The company reduces the usage of carbon footprint by cutting down the intake prints, instead, it goes digitalized. GDS has a system of ‘zero water discharge’ by treatment and recycling. “We prefer using drinking water distilled by ourselves to packaged ones- which saves the planet the plastic wastage,” asserts, Ansari.

Also, the Company is located in one of the greenest IT Park in the world, Technopark – Kerala, India. It has an in-house power distribution; LEED pre-certified Gold rated Green Building, LED street lighting, and a part of the Going Green Campaign that comes up with a solid waste management unit.

GDS has already set a benchmark in the industry known for its unsurpassed excellence in Structural Drawing Services; perhaps it is one among the innovators in the field. Focusing more on sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow, the company strives to go green in every project that it undertakes. The efficient use of sophisticated software like BIM Modeling Software, AutoCAD add-ins, and Revit add-ins allow GDS to intelligently integrate the Architecture and Engineering teams to maximize the cost efficiency of projects without comprising on the design standards. So far, GDS has engaged in several projects including Metro-rail projects in Chennai, Delhi, Doha, Singapore, Riyadh, and Qatar.


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