eASPNet: A Fast Growing Cloud Services Provider in Taiwan


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The concept of IT infrastructure management has been rapidly adapting in companies to meet the existing demands of the customers and the market. Business needs of the customers are met and in turn, the organization is adapting to give a user rich experience, enhancing and reevaluating their resources and remodeling them to increase the substantial value of the organization.

One such company that thrived in providing internet application services is eASPNet. It provides the enterprise with comprehensive internet solutions.Officially inaugurated in December 2000 by Nortel, Conglomerates and Foxconn companies. TheHeadquarters and Data Center (Internet Exchange Center, IXC) of the company is located in Taipei, Taiwan.Being the first class Data Center in Asia; it is the proud tier 3 Internet/Submarine Cable landing hub of Taiwan. The tier 3+ Data Center and application was designed and built by the renowned US consulting firm.It is one of the major Hub Submarine cable and top class exchange center in APAC, hosting 20+ global Telcos and many ISPs and enterprise customers. With interconnection to domestic and overseas carriers, eASPNet’s IXC offers high reliability, flexible scalability, and the most secure international bandwidth environment to the clients.

Certified Services and Thriving Launches

As the data center with 99.999% high reliability and high utilization, including NOC (Network Operation Center), eASPNet provides 24×7 monitoring services and technical support for all the equipment in the data center. eASPNet’s IXC data center is the first company in Asia to receive ISO 27001, 27011, 27017 and 27018 certifications in the year 2012.  It also meets the international quality stands certified by TrueSecureand VMware as a certified cloud services provider which provides the highest level of security and cloud services to the clients.

In July 2012, eASPNet launched a new GWS (Global Web Service), a cloud computing application platform that provides their clients an easily implementing cloud services with multiple flexible choices. eASPNet’s cloud solutions can achieve the idea of cloud computing the centralized management, sharing resources; helps reduce costs and human resources and maximize the usage of both hardware and software.

Since 2016, eASPNet has worked together with VMware, a global leader in cloud computing infrastructure, to build Taiwan’s first Hybrid Cloud. This enabled the vast number of VMware-based businesses to adopt a Hybrid Cloud platform built on VMware’s SDDC (Software Defined Data Center)technology and to enjoy secure, stable and high-performance cloud services.

The company’s GWS (Global Web Service) which is a global cloud computing application platform. It provides global cloud computing services to help businesses grow rapidly and achieve their goals whilst taking into account the cost of IT resources. Clients can switch to a different internet service provider anytime without re-applying for the circuit connection. This results in saving time, money, manpower, management and maintenance.

eASPNet successfully developed a plug-and-play GWStack, An Intel-based HCI multi-cloud appliance. eASPNet integrates our GWS plus e-MO subsystems pre-configured it into the GWStack Appliance, with the homogeneous systems so it is fully compatible with GWS; Moreover, Multi-cloud GWStack can also access and utilize AWS,Google and Microsoft Cloud services.

eASPNet offers a service-based business model for GWStack to enterprise customers, customers only need to pay a fixed monthly fee for the appliance as well as bundled Hybrid Cloud Services. If Customer needs extra resources; for example, more computing power, storage space, back-up or disaster recovery services etc., customers can instantly connect to GWS and pay on usage basis without any integration. Customers can use the same management console to manage Public Cloud Services.

Upholding Integrity in the Service Provided

eASPNet upholds to the philosophy of serving customers and treating customers as a partner in an attempt to create a win-win situation and grow with customers. eASPNet has long been committed to sustainability and envisions to developing strategies in addition to taking into consideration the future development for long-term and solid management foundation.

The philosophy of eASPNet is to integrate team powers in order to invigorate and revitalize the entire enterprise. Jackson Wu, Managing Director of the company says, “Our group members have also managed their own experiences and transformations at the same time committing to the IT service industry.”He continues, “In addition to implementing the philosophy and aspiration, the group also has to offer the staff with stable jobs and opportunities to grow. Meanwhile, customers are provided with excellent products and warranty for long-term services.”

The global enterprises are generally positioned under the business environment faced with turbulent changes. Regardless of the scale, only innovation, speed, and teamwork can put the enterprises in sustainability. eASPNet owns the top-notched counseling and R&D team that grasp the market opportunities and lead the industries with professionalism and quality. 

The incumbent Players such as traditional Cloud Operators and many other companies are experiencing the same painful evolution like eASPNet did, where some of them are still in surviving mode. However, these Players have incumbent clients who are facing difficulties to retain and evolve into hybrid cloud services to protect their businesses.

eASPNet is building and operating GWS and GWStack hybrid cloud services for partners. The GWS can be built and will be ready to serve in a short span of 2-3 months so that the Partners can protect their base and expand their enterprise customer to capture the huge growing market.

Jackson Wu says, “With the alliance partners growing, we can vastly form a Digital-Silk-Road Alliance from Asia to EMAM to another part of the world.” 


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