Neon Infotech: Built on the Foundation of True Entrepreneurship


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It takes more than skills, knowledge, and capital to build a successful company. That is why 90% of startups fail. Most of them succumb to the competitive, high risk and unpredictable nature of the market. More than often, founders fail to rise up from the first few initial failures.

The success story of Neon Infotech, a top-class CAD/CAE/CAM solutions provider, is worth noting here. Despite many failures, the founder of the company has managed to finally build a company considered as a premier engineering software solution and design engineering services provider in South East Asia which is promoted by Board of Investment, Thailand.

The company serves a wide range of markets, focusing on enabling clients to make the right decisions at the right time using the right information. Clients include diverse owner-operators, energy, engineering procurement, and construction companies and global manufacturing companies.

The Root that Shaped the Founder of Neon Infotech

Behind the success of the company, there is a great story and lessons that every entrepreneur can relate and learn. It is not only a story of overcoming challenges to be successful but also a story of what you do when you become successful.

The story began in an impoverished place called Ajmer in India. Long before Neon Infotech set up its offices in Thailand, India, Korea, Myanmar, Japan, UAE and USA, the seed of an inspirational entrepreneur was conceived. Born to a humble family, the natural response of Mr. Harsh Sethi (the Founder of Neon Infotech) to help and assist others was ingrained at a very young age. While he was pursuing his college degree in VNIT, Nagpur on scholarships, Mr. Sethi undertook part-time jobs to cover his educational expense. His experience with the struggle of frugal resources shaped him to be a giver to society. He says, “I had a very humble beginning and I am now trying to give back to society.” After finishing college in 1984, Mr. Sethi went on to pursue his post graduation and finished his master degree in Business Administration in 1988 from Mumbai University.

Unfortunately, there was no beginner’s luck for Mr. Sethi when he ventured into the business world after post-graduation. He started a company in 1990 dealing with exports. An unfortunate turn took place when two containers of goods ship to Kuwait from India got lost due to the Iraq-Kuwait war. Having invested all his fortune in the trade, he lost everything and he had to start all over again.

With just Rs. 2000 in his pocket, he came to Thailand in 1990 looking for opportunities.  He tells us that he went on to involve in many odd jobs. He recalls, “Since 1900 I have undertaken various odd jobs, part-time work, some entrepreneurship selling small items and goods.” Prior to Neon Infotech, he started six other companies that never came into fruition. However, a bitter-sweet moment took place when he started Neon Infotech in 2000. His humility, resilience and his will to never give up took him this far as a successful founder and a leader to revere.

Today, for the innovation and the excellence services, not only as a business service provider but also as a public service provider, Neon Infotech has become a highly recognized company in Thailand with multiple awards. The company’s awards include Entrepreneurial Excellence & Most Innovative company award by JITO/KPMG in London UK in 2018, Most Trusted IT Software Solutions Company in India for Achievement in Business & Services Awards in 2016 and many more.  In 2014, Neon Infotech was presented as a model case study under the ‘SME category in Thailand’ at the World Hindu Economic Forum.

Neon is recognized by the Thai government as a ‘Certified Training provider, and Skill Development Institute’. “We provide almost free software and training to young undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students and engineering colleges in Thailand & Myanmar,” says Mr. Sethi.

Giving Back to Society

After all the successes, much of Mr. Sethi activities now involved giving back to society. He is a visiting teaching faculty at various educational institutes in India and Thailand. He is also involved in charitable hospital/dispensary, free eye camps in his home town Ajmer, Mumbai and Bangkok.  For his roles in promoting awareness for blood donation, Mr. Sethi has been recognized by Thai Red Cross Society as a member of their RH Negative club having donated blood for more than 65 times.

Along with his current role as the CEO of Neon Infotech, Mr. Sethi holds many honorary positions in Thai government which include: Honorary Secretary of India Thai Chamber of Commerce (ITCC), President of Association of Indian Engineers and Technologists in Thailand (AIETT) and Secretary of Jain International Trade Organization (JITO)–Thailand Chapter.

For his leadership role, Mr. Sethi has received many awards including Asia Pacific Most promising Entrepreneurship award in 2014, Indian Achievers’ award in 2012 and Hind Rattan Award in 2008.

The story of Mr. Sethi is that of hard work, many failures, resilience, and most importantly of humility and giving back. With a humble upbringing, Mr. Sethi was able to navigate through the thick and thin of personal life and professional life, and today he is giving back to society as a successful business leader.

Quotes :

Neon is a premier engineering software solution and design engineering services provider in South East Asia which is promoted by Board of Investment, Thailand.

The company serves a wide range of markets, focusing on enabling clients to make the right decisions at the right time using the right information.


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