RigNet: Enabling Businesses to Realize the True Value of Digital Transformation


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With increasing numbers of smart technologies constantly being introduced in the market, the  business world is moving at a much faster pace, as well as it has become much more competitive. The ability to evolve quickly while consistently providing quality service has become a key factor for organizations to succeed in the market.

Companies are improving their processes and operations through a series of digital transformations to be more intelligent and efficient. By implementing innovative technologies, applications, and methods, companies are upgrading their service at a rapid pace. As they move along this journey, the competitive gap is also getting wider. This creates a significant disadvantage for those who are not able to find the right strategy to cope with the competitive and quickly evolving market. In such a scenario, RigNet, a Houston-based company stands out as a well-experienced solution provider that helps companies in their digital transformation journey. Steven Pickett, CEO of RigNet says, “Our approach of being the single provider to assist our clients wherever they are on their digital transformation journey allows them to quickly advance and meet their increasingly complex technology needs as they become more efficient and intelligent in their business operations.”

The company delivers optimized industry solutions, advanced global software, and secure communications infrastructure that allow industrial companies to obtain the business value of digital transformation. Specialized in remote communications, collaborative applications, IP networking, systems integration, over-the-top applications, cybersecurity, industrial application, amongst others, the solutions RigNet provide enhance customer decision making and business performance. With a mission to provide industry-leading solutions to enhance customer productivity, efficiency, quality and safety, the company is helping organizations to realize the fullest potential of digital transformation and accelerate their businesses.

Evolved to Provide Comprehensive Solutions

The origin of the company goes back 40 years ago when it was working with oil and gas companies providing them with telecommunications for their remote operations. Since then, RigNet has gone through a number of changes, acquisitions, and transitions which it still continues to practice even today. This approach enables the company to continuously enhance and expand its offerings. Mr. Pickett recalls, “Upon joining the company, we made changes in our corporate strategy to expand our solutions with a number of strategic acquisitions.” The most recent acquisition includes: Cyphre, the company’s cybersecurity and encryption solutions; Intelie, an AI platform that provides machine learning based analytics. Mr. Pickett explains, “The goal of these acquisitions is to deliver a digital transformation bundle that accelerates technology adoption and empowers our customers to always be connected, have complete security, and enable learning from their operations to create greater efficiencies which ultimately lead to improved financial performance.”

By providing wide arrays of solutions that come through expansion, the company has helped a number of energy companies achieve their digital transformation goals, operational efficiency and improve financial performance. With the expansion of its service beyond the energy sector to include Maritime and Government agencies, RigNet is now perfectly poised to assist large industrial clients in their digital transformation journey and maximize the return of this investment.

Offerings that Increase Efficiency, Improve Productivity and Enhance Safety

By offering a number of solutions across five core areas, the company is helping businesses that are at any stage on their digital transformation journey. The first area of offering is Managed Comms that includes network communication services, telephony, and technology for remote sites on land or at sea. Secondly, it offers Apps and IIoT solutions that include SCADA, data protection and other applications and services that work ‘over-the-top’ of the Managed Services networks. Thirdly, it offers Industrial Systems Integration solutions that include the design, engineering, procurement, installation and project management for processing facilities and industrial sites. Fourthly, it offers Cybersecurity and Encryption that provides integrated cyber offering tailored to improve data and system security. It delivers real-time threat detection, network visualization, and advanced investigative capabilities, along with advanced, hardware- based, military-grade encryption capabilities. Finally, RigNet offers Advanced AI capabilities with machine-learning based advanced analytics that capture, process and analyze thousands of events per second in real-time.


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