NetAssist: Strengthening Business Preparedness and Resiliency in the Asia-Pacific


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Cybercrime is the evil twin birthed alongside the proliferation of technology. As people incorporate newer tech developments, criminals have managed to find a way to cheat, exploit and abuse the systems. These attacks are tenacious and unpredictable in nature with damages varying from extremely costly to permanent or irreparable losses. Let’s quickly look at today’s statistics to understand how severe the crisis is: losses to cybercriminal activities add up to $ 1.5 trillion yearly; companies in the Asia-Pacific receive about 6 threats every minute and cybercrime is estimated to cost us $ 6 trillion annually by 2021. Unfortunately, these stats illustrate just the tip of the iceberg because criminals will not stop leveraging newer technologies to attack in cleverer ways. So, a large portion of the online community is inhibited by the threat of cybercrime.

Research shows that expenses on cybersecurity measures have increased by 30% since 2016 and this rate is expected to stay the same until 2025. In 2019, surveys show that many businesses aren’t prepared against cybercrime either due to poor know-how of security measures or the inability to simultaneously tend to core business while ensuring security. Although this seems dismal, we must not ignore that there are some smart organizations who are taking necessary initiatives to secure their business with the help of experts. And, in spite of the shortage of cybersecurity talent in the industry, it is vital to hope—because prominent cybersecurity companies are working relentlessly to upgrade our defenses.

NetAssist is one of the most prominent cybersecurity solution providers in the Asia-Pacific region in 2019. It supports strong cybersecurity preparedness because it understands that only keeping cybercrime under check proactively will create business sustainability in today’s high-risk atmosphere. It is the first managed security service provider (MSSP) of the region and it’s meeting the high cybersecurity demands effectively by constantly helping clients protect their assets and secure their business optimally.

Today, cybercriminals are constantly on the offensive trying to exploit thousands of new security vulnerabilities. As a counter measure, NetAssist’s cybersecurity solutions are comprehensive and ISO27001 certified. Its main cybersecurity solutions come under four categories which solve diverse and deep-rooted issues: professional security and consultancy services (PSCS), consultancy services for GAP analysis and security framework, cybersecurity technology solutions and managed cyber security solutions (MCSS). To add, NetAssist also operates a 24*7*365 hybrid security operation system (HSOC) following the latest international standards. And, its managed detection and response services (MDRS) provides on-going and on-demand proactive scanning, monitoring, and protection of clients’ IT infrastructure and assets from external threat vectors. Mr. Fun Ping Hon, CEO of NetAssist, explains, “There are many forms of cyber threats and there is no one single solution to mitigate the threats. We advocate a multi-stream strategy combining elements of ‘People+Process+Technology’ to handle threats.”

Mr. Fun Pin explains further, “We adopt a holistic approach by not only looking at technology but also strengthening the ‘Human-Firewalls’ by beefing up the awareness of security threats among staff.” NetAssist has identified the often neglected ‘human’ element in cybersecurity mechanisms and has made it a cornerstone in their strategy. So far, it’s highly determined to foster competent cybersecurity skills in both its employees and customers.

NetAssist’s employees are security consultants who help clients improve resiliency to cyber-attacks, partners to clients helping them win and grow together and ethical hackers willing to do the needful to guarantee security. Mr. Fun Pin adds, “We train up our people to use the best-of-breed technology, for example, security information and event management (SIEM), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data and so on.”

NetAssist is also a trusted outsourcing partner for its customers’ security needs as it allows them to focus solely on their core business competencies. Its customers are equipped to fend off attacks in a budget-friendly manner. Mr. Fun Pin adds, “Our customers are able to prevent cyber security attacks in the most effective way by having the necessary measures among themselves and need not heavily rely on external forces. They can put resources and energy into their core business and leave the complications of dealing with cyber attacks to us.”

Established in 2002 with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, NetAssist’s mission is to deliver exceptional value to customers and grow alongside them. It has been successful largely due to its sound cybersecurity knowledge and holistic business philosophy. And, it is moving closer to realize a role model status in the cybersecurity industry. Mr. Fun Pin tells, NetAssist’s future is very promising not only as the leading MSSP in Malaysia but will also become the leading regional players where our clients get our cyber security protections if they have offices in many locations in different countries.”


Net Assist is the first managed security service provider of the region and it’s meeting the high cybersecurity demands by helping clients protect their assets.  

We advocate a multi-stream strategy combining elements of ‘People + Process + Technology’ to handle threats.


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