Pinnacle QM: Agile Testing Services that Ensure Quality Business Outcomes


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In recent years, improvement in quality has become one of the essential business strategies to achieve competitive advantage. Globally, Quality Management and Testing constantly evolve to satisfy innovation and change to Industry and Business IT system design, architecture, technology adoption, delivery, transformation, and operations.

One company that saw the need to make a significant contribution to the success of an organization is PinnacleQM. PinnacleQM is a leading specialist of Independent Quality Management, Testing and Global Delivery Management Services enabling their clients by defining and driving compelling improvements in quality outcomes that unleash new potential across their business.  It provides innovative genuine service solutions that drive improved IT delivery effectiveness, time and cost savings along with improved agility and traceability. Through Consultancy, Strategy, Advisory, and QA & Testing Delivery Services, PinnacleQM enables customers to accelerate their business delivery, Agile and DevOps transformation journey outcomes.

It is a specialist company that uses its extensive knowledge and experience to offer solutions to a broad range of organizations; they are truly customer-centric and focused upon using propriety IP and unique technologies to provide unparalleled scale and capacity to scale customer teams.

PinnacleQMs’ Three Pillars of Automation

PinnacleQM was founded on February 14th, 2014 by Gary Jenn and Ian Charlton with headquarters in Perth. It works with international partner eco-systems, customers and experienced and highly skilled career professionals. With a significant track record of proven cross-industry and technology delivery which it brings to bear with its customer focused solutions and services. The company is heavily invested in world beating Machine Leading and AI driven Automation Solution, utilizing PinnacleQM IP and development to enable its services to be at the forefront of QM & Testing capabilities.

The company provides its “Three Pillars” of automation to enable clients to achieve their desired outcomes and transitional roadmaps. Enginuity is the first pillar that supports the Development and testing SDLC and automates full stack, new technologies, existing and legacy systems including complex integration, supporting the entire technology stack from UI, message, services, integration and backend databases. Authorized is the second pillar which provides a collaborative agile driven Acceptance and Certification solution that uses real-time evidence capture and automation to remove the time and effort of business users supporting IT projects for acceptance testing. Aurora, the third pillar is focused upon enabling business user teams to conduct Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA) using natural English language work instructions for any given system or technology (with no technical coded created or maintained).

PinnacleQM business lines and service offerings can be applied across any industry domain. While some services provided by the company are industry-specific, there are other advanced solutions and services which are commonly re-used across industry market demands, specific technologies and standards. These industry-specific offerings easily adapted to customer-specific requirements as no two customers are the same. Each customer engagement and service are defined, scoped and delivered to an agreed service roadmap and service schedule to ensure the optimal delivery outcome is tracked, optimized and achieved every time.

Going the Extra Mile for Better Solutions

The company’s senior delivery and leadership teams target their effort and experience on ensuring the best possible outcomes to the customers. Gary Jenn, Co-founder and MD of the company, says, “It is a challenging, yet rewarding environment where teams focus on value, and our innovations in automation scale their capacity in delivery and remove the repetitive and mundane time-consuming activities.”

He adds, “Each of our employees is empowered to ‘Go That Extra Mile’ and supported to improve and offer efficiency gains and better solutions to our customers.” We believe that Openness and collaboration is the key to gain intimate knowledge and understand of our customer’s business, their challenges and both PinnacleQM and our customers are continually learning and improving…we understand the need to regularly adjust course throughout the journey of the service roadmap”.

Since foundation, PinnacleQM has been recognized globally for its innovations and service capabilities. Its inSight test consultancy services are constantly updated and optimized for supporting new changes and technology demands. This includes Digital Disruption, Agile Transformation, DevOps, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, and Autonomous Vehicles. The company plans for continued investment in its advanced automation platforms and is expanding its partner eco-system to ensure full delivery collaboration. Its growth strategy is building great local regional teams, local industry expertise, and expansion of value-added partnerships and collaborative ecosystems. It has shifted away from traditional automated solutions using coded scripts replacing them with advanced AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language solutions. Mr. Charlton MD and Co-Founder says, “We will continue our extensive development and research activities, internally, with business partners within our ecosystem and with our affiliations with key Universities Advanced research programs. We will ensure our Automation Platforms and capability remain at the forefront of industry Quality Management and Testing demands.”


It provides innovative genuine service solutions that drive improved IT delivery effectiveness, time and cost savings along with improved agility and traceability.

Its inSight test consultancy services are constantly updated and optimized for supporting new changes and technology demands.


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