NPBFX: Delivering Exemplified Foreign Exchange Services to Clients across the Globe


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The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. With an average daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion, it makes one of the lucrative business options to delve in. Thus, many startups enter the forex market in drove to get their piece of the pie. And unfortunately, some of them try using fraudulent schemes to benefit from the huge potential of the industry. Therefore, it becomes more and more difficult to build customer trust and loyalty in the forex world even for reputable companies. Also, the increasing competition and dynamic industry scenario greatly increase the odds of succeeding in the market. Amid these challenges, while many businesses struggle to survive, one pioneering company that is making strides in the forex industry through innovation and distinctiveness is NPBFX. The leading company offers best-in-class foreign exchange services to individual traders and institutional clients with the most favorable terms of trade.

Successful Journey over the Years

NPBFX (NEFTEPROMBANKFX) began its journey as a financial service provider in the banking sector in the year 1996. Initially, it started working with private traders and corporate clients on behalf of the bank with a license from the Central Bank of Russia. Later, in 2016, the company stepped into the retail forex space to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in the forex market. During this trail-blazing journey from banking to forex, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, NPBFX has established itself as a trusted forex service provider with more than 20 years of collective experience and expertise in the finance industry.

Having carved a niche for itself in the forex space, NPBFX has worked with several well-renowned clienteles across the world. Some of the clients who began working with the company in the era of telephone trading are still working with it with modern technology platforms. Such a loyal customer base is a testament to its unbeatable quality of service and customer-centric values.

Factors Contributing to the Uniqueness of NPBFX

One of the key differentiating features that set NPBFX apart from its competitors is its STP/NDD (Straight through Processing/No Dealing Desk) business model. This allows all clients’ orders to move directly from the trading platform to the liquidity providers, without the need of a dealing desk and without any human intervention. This means clients never experience manipulation or delays in order execution. Execution speed, fast and localized payment solutions and high level of client support, are the top priorities for NPBFX.

Another significant factor that makes NPBFX stand apart from its competitors is the way it deals with localized products and services. The company believes that only adapting the language and geography is not enough to succeed in new markets. Thus, it strives to acknowledge the culture and way of doing business in the country to thrive in the industry.

Building and Maintaining Strong Customer Relationship

The continued success of NPBFX also comes from its constant effort to keep a high level of clients’ satisfaction with the top-notch services and customer support. The company enables its clients to use any trading strategy without any limits and ensures the best trade execution for them by incorporating the most advanced technology and attracting the best aggregation of liquidity providers. It also focuses on enforcing the safety of its clients’ funds being a member of a category of The Financial Commission, an independent international self-regulatory organization for the settlement of disputes between brokers and traders. The Financial Commission provides additional protection to NPBFX clients by offering compensation fund payments with a limit of € 20,000 per customer.

NPBFX believes that a strong team is the key to achieve optimum customer satisfaction. Thus, it values its employees with the utmost reason and provides them the freedom and ability to develop their skills and thrive.

Aspire To Expand its Services

Forex market is rapidly evolving and adapting to the changes is the only way to prosper in the future. Considering this, NPBFX is rigorously working towards further improvement of its products and services to be in line with its clients’ demands. The ambitious company is also planning to expand its product line by adding more services for clients who want to benefit from copy or social trading. Copy trading is a form of investment that allows clients with any knowledge level to copy positions opened and managed by a selected professional investor, usually in the context of a social trading network.

The company also aims to ensure its clients with CFD trading (contract for difference), which enables clients to speculate on the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets such as shares, indices, commodities, currencies, and treasuries. In the coming years, the company endeavors to strengthen its brand on new markets and focus on training workshops to help its clients to get a better understanding of the market.


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