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Tim Atkinson, Managing Director, V Logic Pty Ltd

Effective communication is the critical link that unites employees, customers, business partners and everyone else in a business ecosystem. In essence, it keeps business alive. But realistically, facilitating good communication systems is becoming very challenging today because the way the professional world works is continually changing. Emerging workplace trends such as remote workers, flexible workers, contractual workers and freelancers are becoming very popular around the world today. So, while traditional telephone systems aren’t sufficient, the new challenge here is to facilitate communication, collaboration and teamwork at all times and from all places.

V Logic Pty Ltd. is one of Asia Pacific’s leaders in providing a range of technology solutions that help clients communicate effectively and efficiently. They are based in Sydney, Australia and since its inception in 2006, the company has built an extensive nation-wide network. The company was founded on the cornerstone belief that good quality, efficient and seamless communication supports business success. So, the company strives to offer the latest in communication technology solutions encompassing voice-based systems, video conferencing solutions, unified communications solutions, cloud services, managed and hosted services.

Emerging from a Desire to Help Businesses Communicate Efficiently in the Digital Era

The company was officially founded by two smaller companies uniting together, both sharing a sincere and deep desire to help businesses achieve excellent communication in our digital era by seamlessly integrating technology. “V Logic was formed from the merger of two companies, one a technical specialist in voice and video communication and the second a consulting company specialising in workplace technology. It was a seamless union as both companies worked from a desire to help customers communicate and collaborate,” Mr. Tim Atkinson, the Managing Director of the company, says.

V Logic is committed to help businesses overcome communication-related challenges today. By listening to clients’ concerns and working closely with them, they work dedicatedly to set up the best solutions in place. This is the fundamental spirit that the company was founded on and is still its central guiding principle. The company’s desire to help clients communicate efficiently, affordably, seamlessly and in an error-free way, is supported by strong technical know-how and professional competence. The company offers its services in a unique way: combining a consultative approach to creating solutions with a product-agnostic technical approach to deliver an outstanding balance of capability and value to clients.

Providing Expert Solutions for the Critical Challenges in Communication

V Logic’s broad range of services realize crystal clear and high-definition communication streams across voice and video channels. The company’s expert services tend to the critical needs for flexibility, convenience, high quality, seamlessness, and easy availability in today’s demanding professional environment. Almost all of its services are easily made available on a monthly subscription basis through the cloud, thus saving lots of money otherwise needed to buy and to maintain these systems. They are also easy to install, easy to use, secure, and flexible.

“What makes V Logic stand out is our technical capability, our product-agnostic consultative approach and our roots in the united communications market. Our technical capability allows us to develop solutions to connect various platforms and services in the market and make communicating simpler for our customers. Our approach to working with customers starts with understanding the business need. The products in the final solution are selected and combined to maximize simplicity and value to the customer,” Mr. Atkinson goes on.

V Logic’s professional expertise addresses two vital channels of business communication: voice and video. Its wide range of services are underpinned by three pillars of capability: unified communications, cloud services as well as professional and managed services. Some of these include video conferencing-as-a-service, desktop meeting services, interop-as-a-service, bespoke cloud-based voice or video services, cloud contact centres, SIP trunking or termination, SMS services, strategic consultancy services, and also audits for technology, business, network or cybersecurity. The company also features products from globally leading brands such as Zoom, StarLeaf, Lifesize, Polycom, and Microsoft Teams.

The company can also develop a custom solution to satisfy a client’s unique requirements. V Logic believes in working hard to experiment with and tailor technological solutions to satisfy clients’ unique requirements. “V Logic has been built on making communication more convenient for our customers. We have created solutions to enhance and connect various video conferencing and voice platforms. Customers want the convenience of not having to be concerned with the specifics of the platforms involved. So, we have built platforms to make video and voice as simple as picking up the phone and dialling a number, walking into a meeting room and joining any meeting service from new or legacy equipment with a single touch,” shares Mr. Atkinson.

Satisfying Clients’ Needs with Excellent Services is the Topmost Priority

For over 14 years, V Logic has been designing, implementing and providing a plethora of high-quality communication services and along the way, consistently satisfying clients’ needs. To deliver the best quality and available communication services, the company stays abreast with the latest in technology. The company also hosts services so that clients can concentrate solely on their primary business.

“We ensure that our entire engagement with our customers is outcome based. Throughout our initial engagement, onboarding process and customer success, we help our customers through every stage. By understanding why our customers are doing this project and the stakeholders involved very well, we make sure to deliver the best possible outcome,” explains Mr. Atkinson.

Committed to Deliver the Very Best in Communication Services

As we move into a hyper-connected professional environment, with an increasing amount of remote work, the company remains committed to helping businesses achieve seamless communication. V Logic wants to ensure that clients have the right communication systems, products or platforms to best meet their professional needs. Thus, the company is constantly reviewing new products and platforms in the market to assess the best solutions and deliver the best solutions and guidance to meet their needs. They are primarily focussed on having the ability to recommend, integrate and support the best solution for clients’ unique requirements.

“We also believe that the area of Voice and Contact Centres is changing rapidly today, as such we have continued to focus on the expansion of services and partnerships that help our customers deliver the best voice experience across multiple systems,” Mr. Atkinson concludes.


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