SEO trends in 2020


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Consumers’ habits are constantly changing and the key responsible for these changes is technology, which directly interferes with the way people sell products and services. Nowadays, consumers are looking for greater convenience and practicality in their purchases while maintaining high standards of service and product quality requirements, so companies have to adapt to this new demand.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of SEO trends in order to apply the appropriate techniques and ensure that your company is seen by everyone. With a well-crafted SEO, it is possible that your website has a greater reach and better positioning and engagement that can be converted into leads. So, in this article, we compile a series of factors that, although we already know they have started working in many sectors, they will play a vital role in 2020.

SEO trends to discover in 2020

  • Voice search 

Voice search has already been a trend in 2019, but with the increasing use that users are making more and more, both with voice searches from the mobile, as with devices such as Google Home, Alexa or Cortana, which more and more users they have in their homes, in 2020 they will be even more important. In addition to the search itself, more and more users are also making the purchase process also by voice.  

When a person performs a voice search, the phrases become longer and more complex, so you have to focus more and more on long tails, including synonyms in the content, and answering the questions asked by users.  As Google feeds on featured snippets in search results, we have to make it easy for you. Therefore, you must use tables and bullet points in your content, as it is easier for Google to display them.

  • Creation of localized content for local SEO strategies

The SEO local 2020 is even more relevant by increasing the use of mobile and voice search. Google is giving much importance to local searches, and SMEs can benefit from it if they work on Local SEO. To do this, you must optimize your Google My Business listing. Another tip that you can use is to get positive opinions of your business and that users photograph the images that they upload. Besides this, your website must be optimized for Local SEO.

The information on Google My Business tab must be updated correctly and the content focused on the business and its location, as a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

  • Snippets

Another trend, which has actually existed for some years, is the snippets, more precisely the featured snippets, Google’s zero position. It consists of the organic search result that is highlighted above the first organic Google search result.

Snippets are excellent “baits” to attract traffic, a way of signaling that that content is so good that it was chosen by Google itself and deserves to be highlighted on the results page.

  • New BERT Algorithm

For years, Google has been using learning algorithms to improve the experience of its users with search and help avoid websites full of keywords. In 2020, this will be more important than ever with the latest Google algorithm called BERT.

Now, as far as we know, Google uses three mechanisms: first is Neural Matching, which discovers the meaning of the query. The second is RankBrain, which adjusts the SERP based on the data collected on user behavior. The third, BERT, recently implemented, is the algorithm used to analyze the structure of a search to better understand the context in which the keywords are used.

  • Mobile version

Having a responsive website means that your website should be easily read and loaded on mobile phones and smartphones. The trend is that sites that are not responsive will start to lose more and more traffic in 2020. This is because people are starting to access the internet more through mobile devices than by computers.But it is not enough just to have responsive sites, it is necessary to invest in them and think of an interface that catches the user’s attention, that is intuitive and that offers an excellent experience on mobile devices. If you offer a product or service on the internet, having a Mobile site becomes more and more important.

  • Relevant Content

Relevant content is one of the SEO techniques already used and will remain among the SEO 2020 trends, as much as the user sees your site among the first options of search engines, if your content does not actually bring something interesting and new to the reader, it is unlikely that this user will be converted into a lead, making your digital marketing strategy ineffective.The idea is to offer relevant information and creative content, so that users can get out of the sameness, arousing the visitor’s desire to stay on your site. However, experts point out that quality content is the one that is really enlightening and is more important for SEO strategies in 2020.That’s because changes in Google’s algorithms like Rank Brain and the even more recent BERT, use artificial intelligence to identify the best results and present them to users.One way to produce content thinking about these changes and to solve doubts and questions of your personas is to focus less on the keywords when creating the texts, and more on the user’s search intent and in the context of what is being addressed. With this, the search engine identifies its contents as useful and tries to deliver less ambiguous and more accurate results. One tip is to try to use more related words and synonyms in the texts so that the algorithms can identify the subject being treated.


Are you ready to implement all these SEO trends? Well, these 6 key aspects of which we mentioned, will clearly guide SEO trends for the year 2020. In addition, they are clearly related areas, especially among cases of process automation and the application of artificial intelligence to SEO, as well as between content tagging with structured data and voice searches.


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