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Ron Lesh, Managing Director, BGL Corporate Solutions

Organizations today face a major challenge to digitally transform their business amidst an increasingly complex regulatory business environment. BGL Corporate Solution was founded in 1983 as a consulting firm to assist accountants and small businesses to gain more value from their computer systems. Since then, BGL has grown to be the #1 developer of compliance software solutions in the world, employing an amazing team of 150+ people across the globe

The company delivers SMSF administration and corporate compliance management software solutions to over 8,000 businesses in 15 countries with its user-friendly and highly intelligent web applications, combining amazing UX with powerful technology and remarkable customer experience.

BGL’s Innovative Solutions

BGL is Australia’s leading developer of SMSF administration and ASIC corporate compliance software solutions. The company’s cloud solutions include Simple Fund 360, Australia’s leading cloud SMSF administration software solution, and CAS 360, the next generation cloud ASIC corporate compliance software solution.

The company offers CAS 360 and CAS Desktop, multi-jurisdictional company, and corporate compliance solutions. This software helps company secretaries, accountants, corporate services providers, and companies ensure they comply with the company law requirements in each of the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Ron Lesh, Managing Director of BGL says, “Currently there is CAS 360 or CAS versions for Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom but the CAS software is also used in many other countries.”

BGL also provides Simple Fund 360 and Simple Fund Desktop solutions to handle the compliance work for SMSFs in Australia. “An SMSF is a personal pension fund where members can choose their investments to provide them a pension in retirement,” asserts Ron. In simple terms, Simple Fund 360 and Simple Fund Desktop are accounting systems with a traditional general ledger, investment portfolio management, and reporting required for SMSFs.
The primary advantage of BGL’s solutions is the level of automation. CAS 360 and CAS Desktop are designed to automate the processes for Annual Returns and Annual Reviews to regulators as well as any changes to a company’s corporate register. Whereas, Simple Fund 360 and Simple Fund Desktop collect transaction data from over 350 sources and use artificial intelligence and deep learning to allocate this transaction data to ledger accounts. The company has recently released BGL SmartDocs, an intelligent document reader that can quickly turn paper documents into data in seconds. BGL’s innovation doesn’t stop there. With a significant number of proprietary technologies, their applications are by far the most technically advanced in the industry.

Having the Customers’ Best Interests at Heart

BGL uses market-leading technology to save the client’s time and money. The company’s products reduce the processing time by over 60% providing huge cost savings to the clients. The factors that BGL clients find most valuable about the company are the automation and customer service that provides continual outstanding customer experience rating them a customer satisfaction score in the high 90’.

“First and most importantly – WE CARE! We are driven by the success of our clients – not a share price as we don’t have one,” asserts Ron.

BGL has been listed in the top 10 most innovative technology companies in Australia in the past 2 years by the Australian Financial Review. It has also won numerous industry awards for its products and services.

The prominent company is in an industry where trust is hard to get and even harder to maintain. BGL’s 30+ year longevity shows that it is a business that has earned the trust of its industry. BGL team also has incredible longevity with senior team members having 20+ years of service and many team members having 15-20 years of service making providing confidence and making a promise to the clients that BGL will always be there for them. 

BGL has moved through many software trends over 30 years from DOS to Windows to networked to cloud and is still thriving today. The company’s software provides a host of amazing features that make the lives of its clients easier but most importantly it does the basics incredibly well. “We can talk about AI, deep learning, integration, ecosystem partners, compliance, and the heaps of features in our software, but none of these would be of value if we did not provide sensational customer service to support our applications,” affirms Ron.

The Way Ahead

When it comes to the company’s future, BGL is relentlessly customer-centric and will always be focused on improving automation, supporting clients, providing an excellent customer experience, and expanding the BGL Ecosystem.

BGL views the future as a world of opportunities. The team is in the process of releasing a third product, Simple Invest 360, a highly sophisticated investment portfolio solution – designed to help accountants maintain records for non-pension fund investments.

“We are also expanding our CAS 360 product to extra jurisdictions as automation of regulators improves. Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong are all in our sights,” concludes Ron.


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