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Adnan Gandhi, MD & CEO, Webstream Communications Group

In this fast-pacing world of innovation, the service providers are under constant pressure to up their game every minute. The growing challenges and competition make it tough for businesses to make a mark on the global thrift. To get the business booming, they constantly strive to increase their brand loyalty and outreach by enhancing their digital capabilities. As a strategic step towards this goal, forward-thinking enterprises across the globe are leveraging live streaming and webcasting services to outstretch their reach and create an impact of the key events, meetings, and messages on their target audiences. Live streaming and webcasting enable businesses to connect with their audience through live video while saving time and money. It also helps them in building their brand and efficiently generating sales leads.

Integrating world-class technical expertise, industrial know-how, and top-notch communication stratagems, Webstream Communications offers end-to-end professional Webcasting services along with Videoconferencing and Virtual Event Services to help companies meet their specific communication objectives. Incepted in 2006, Webstream Communications is a privately held Group founded by an industry veteran and certified streaming professional, Adnan Gandhi with a focus on delivering innovative video streaming and video conferencing solutions for the pharma and healthcare sector.

With state of the art technology, professional and enterprise-class Webcasting, Video Conferencing, and Virtual Event solutions, Adnan and his team have assisted over 1500 leading Multinational Corporations to transform CMEsKOL WebinarsTown HallsProduct Launches, AGMs, and Conferences into high audience response events. Over the years, the company has carved a niche for itself in the Unified Communications domain with a great degree of expertise in managing online events. Under the aegis of Adnan, the group now provides unified communication solutions across the world with execution capabilities in 93 countries through a partner network.

“We deliver real-time live webcasts that reach people on a massive scale. We are proud that some of the world’s leading companies from various industries rely on us to deliver their mission-critical live business broadcasts,” says Adnan.

Delivering a Gamut of Reliable Services

Today, Webstream provides a wide spectrum of services including best-in-class webcasting/webinar services, video conferencing, 3D Virtual Events, 360-degree virtual exhibitions, voting padsmultimedia authoringtranscriptionevent productionweb portal creation, and video and ad production.

As a video streaming organization, Webstream has been fulfilling its clients’ video demands for many years with its in-house video and ad production team including directors, editors, and post producers that excel at research, creativity, storytelling, aesthetics, and technology. Its flexible, reliable, and affordable services provide small, medium, and large size enterprises a secure platform to host high webcast events while its unique polling solutions with 100% accurate data-gathering and real-time results processing allow companies to engage their audience and assess results instantly for any surveys, polls, and quizzes during live events.

It also has a well-equipped team to handle the post-production needs of companies such as professional multi-media authoring services and medical transcription. In addition, Webstream offers the most cost-effective transcription services with a multi-step review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy as well as quality. Being in the streaming industry for almost 15 years now, Webstream brings a lot of experience to the table when it comes to flawless event production. In fact, it has a 98% event execution success rate which stands as a testimony of the expertise of the company to successfully meet the end-to-end e virtual/hybrid event management needs of its clients.

“Your search for a proficient event management organization ends with us, as we are a one-stop-shop that caters to all of your planning and hosting needs for any type of event,” adds Adnan

Offering End-to-End, Comprehensive Solutions for Events

Complementing its wide array of services, Webstream delivers an extensive range of dynamic, result-oriented, multifaceted, and cost-saving solutions for any form of event including Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Webinars, Online Continuing Medical Education (CME), Townhall Webcasts, Training Webcasts, IR & Analysts Meet Webcasts, Product Launch, and Live Surgery Events. It offers the finest webinar services, allowing companies to generate demand and quality leads for their product or services. Its innovative, interactive, state-of-the-art, and enterprise-class platform enables the user to conduct Live CMEs across geographies and engage with the doctors anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, the platform makes it possible for doctors to interact live with a surgeon in the operating room, performing the surgery.

The leading company also has custom and personalized live broadcasting solutions that help in promoting an open-environment in organizations as it allows CEOs to connect and interact with employees online. With its training webcasts solutions, corporate, sales, and employee training can be conducted across the country simultaneously through rich media content and interactive features. Moreover, it provides opportunities to organizations for launching products simultaneously across the globe which results in a competitive advantage.

Standing Out From the Competitors

Webstream’s core competency lies in its bespoke technology and obsession with quality. However, its in-depth understanding of the pharma and healthcare industry, their communication needs, and the rich technical expertise stemmed from its extensive experience also give it a unique edge in the market. Besides this, its consistency, reliability, dedication to excellence has enabled the company to have a very strong presence in the digital space and successfully add over 800 satisfied clients to its list. Today, Webstream has a large team of global project managers and professionally trained event engineers dedicated to providing accurate and very quick projects with the least turnaround time.

Continues Serving Clients with Excellence

Rooted to its customer-centric culture, Webstream ensures delivering nothing but the best to its clients with the assistance of its highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. Unlike others, the company doesn’t believe in competition, instead, it believes in providing the best quality services tailored to the client’s requirement with long-term relationship and mutual growth.

“We compete with our own selves, and quality standards are set very high for each team. Consistent reliability and clear focus are the cornerstones of our approach which has brought us respect from our clients across the globe. We have been receiving excellent feedback and reviews from our clients,” affirms Adnan.

The company nurtures every event as its first event and continues to believe in providing a ‘solution rather than a service.’ Keeping this customer-oriented approach at its core, it aims to have a strong focus on innovative product development in the area of unified communication in the coming years. It also intends to increase its market share in other sectors such as Automobile, BFSI, FMCG, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, and Entertainment. With its strategic growth plan, increasing customer base, and commitment to quality, Webstream Communications’ future as an industry leader looks very bright.

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