CEDA: Trailblazing its way to the new age of construction and structural designing


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Dr.Tongchate Nakhata, Managing Director, CEDA

Standing on the cusp of a new era, we see industries have undergone radical changes in the last few decades. New technologies are transforming the face of business in every way possible. Engineering and Construction companies, being the pillar of a nation’s economic progress, have been struggling hard in exploring technologies to enhance productivity and work through a network of digital collaboration. CEDA, the Structural Consultants and Construction Management Company in Thailand, is a pioneer in the evolving landscape of the construction ecosystem. The company has made a strong impact in the world of E&C business by merging technology with the knowledge and practical capabilities of its contractors.

Founded in 1980 by Dr. Tawatchai Nakhata, an aficionado in building structural designing and Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering, CEDA has taken an extraordinary leap in business, by combining advanced theoretical knowledge of contractors with their hands-on experience in the field. This alignment ensures that the structural designs meet both theoretical requirements and practical feasibility. Driven by Dr. Tawatchai’s exceptional skills and expertise in earthquake engineering, CEDA has been able to deliver effective and safe structural solutions for various building projects.

With the succor of a dedicated team of engineers and draftsmen, CEDA provides comprehensive structural consulting services. They assist clients in designing buildings that are structurally sound, resilient to seismic activity, and meet local building codes and regulations. CEDA’s services include structural analysis, design optimization, risk assessment, and construction supervision.

As the founder and leader of CEDA, Dr. Tawatchai Nakhata has been instrumental in the company’s success. His reputation and expertise in the field of earthquake engineering have earned him the trust of clients and the industry. This has led to increasingly sizable projects being entrusted to CEDA over the years. The company has established itself as a reputable firm in the field of structural engineering. Its commitment to excellence and its founder’s profound knowledge has contributed to its success in delivering topnotch-quality structural solutions for various building projects.


Turning over the pages of its initial journey, CEDA has been consistently marked by adaptability and growth. After its establishment in the 1980s, the company started with a small team comprising supporting engineers, draftsmen, and administrative staff. Dr. Tawatchai Nakhata served as the sole structural designer, utilizing his expertise in earthquake engineering.

Thanks to the trust and support of established architects and developers, CEDA gained significant opportunities to work on prominent building projects throughout the 1980s and 1990s. However, the 1997 Asian financial crisis had a crashing impact on the country and its businesses. Despite the challenging circumstances, CEDA adapted to the new economic landscape and managed to survive.

In 2005, Dr. Tongchate Nakhata assumed the role of managing director at CEDA. With his expertise in probabilistic structural engineering, Dr. Tongchate further developed the company with solid principles, building upon the strong foundation laid by Dr. Tawatchai. Under Dr. Tongchate’s leadership, CEDA expanded and emerged as one of the top structural consulting companies in Thailand.

Throughout its existence, CEDA has witnessed significant changes in the field of structural consulting. Hand calculations have been replaced by powerful software applications, and construction techniques, materials, technology, and design codes have rapidly evolved. CEDA not only adapted to these changing demands but also fully utilized the expanding technology to enhance its services.

Flagship services

During a glorious journey spanning over 40 years, CEDA has navigated the landscape to bring forth an extensive range of innovative and state-of-art solutions. The comprehensive structural consulting services are designed to cater to various aspects of building projects including:

  • Structural Analysis and Design: CEDA is best known for its structural design and analysis. The company offers expert consulting services in the inspection and structural assessment while renovating existing buildings or building new structures. Civil Design: It offers the best layout solutions in designing infrastructural elements like roads, drainage systems, and utilities.
  • Geotechnical Analysis and Design: CEDA conducts Geotechnical Analysis for designing various underground structures and constructions. This includes construction sequencing and retaining wall design as well.
  • Construction Management: CEDA guarantees real-time monitoring and management of construction activity, focusing on cost and quality at every stage from initiation to the completion of a project.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM): CEDA has mastered the use of BIM platforms to enhance the design, coordination, and documentation of structural projects. BIM allows for better visualization, collaboration, and information management throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructive Phase Consulting
  • Structural Retrofit Design
  • Existing Structural Integrity Assessment
  • Structural Exploratory Study

Key attributes

CEDA’s commitment to delivering technical excellence and producing the highest values is deeply ingrained in the company’s philosophy. Throughout each phase of its services, CEDA adopts a systematic approach to identify and quantify the tangible outcomes that arise from the company’s unwavering dedication to its philosophy. The philosophy is not limited to specific individuals or roles within the company but permeates the entire work culture, guiding the actions and decisions of everyone involved, including the director, team leaders, studio teams, and supporting staff.

CEDA is committed to continuously seeking effective and inventive solutions to address clients’ challenges. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the firm has honed skills in efficiently curating valuable information to maximize productivity. In this “Age of Curation,” the company excels at extracting the most useful pieces of information from its extensive database. This database has been built over the years and serves as a repository of knowledge, containing past structural drawings and calculation documents. The database allows CEDA to approach projects with a wealth of insights and a proven track record of problem-solving. The organized system facilitates easy retrieval and utilization of information.

Furthermore, the company takes pride in its robust and comprehensive structural network in Thailand. This network effectively connects major contractors, building material suppliers, and expert consultants. By leveraging this communication network, CEDA gains a competitive edge in structural design throughout all stages of project development. This collaboration with various stakeholders allows CEDA to incorporate advanced and innovative yet practical material and construction technologies into its designs, securing its position as a front liner in the global market of E&C.

Award-winning culture

CEDA thrives on an impressive culture of appreciation, long-standing collaboration, efficient teamwork, and mutual understanding. Here, Dr. Tongchate Nakhata strongly upholds the spirit of collaboration and teamwork to be the quintessential part of a successful organization. With a deep sense of mutual understanding and trust Dr. Nakhata has been able to sustain long-term relationships with his staff, some stretching over 20 years. It’s great that CEDA’s newer generation of selected engineers also brings energy and eagerness to the company, contributing to a cohesive and continuous learning environment. By leveraging the understanding of each team member’s strengths, Dr. Tongchate can ensure that the right people are placed in the right teams, optimizing productivity and fostering a supportive work environment.

CEDA’s commitment to building strong relationships with clients is commendable. The fact that many clients, like the Mall Group, have been returning for over 35 years demonstrates the trust and satisfaction they have in CEDA’s services. Being responsible for designing the structure of all the Mall Group projects, covering a vast area of over two million square meters, showcases the expertise and successful track record of CEDA in delivering high-quality projects.

Future roadmap

CEDA has embarked upon an exciting journey of establishing excellence by leveraging the power of structural design. By prioritizing continuous learning for its engineers, the company keeps pace with the changing industry. The periodic workshops for team leaders are an excellent way to keep them updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. By expanding global and local connections CEDA can undertake collaborations on large-scale projects, the exchange of knowledge and expertise can broaden the reach for its services.

Moreover, the strong team of BIM (Building Information Modeling) experts at CEDA is a significant advantage. By offering this expertise, CEDA demonstrates its commitment to leveraging advanced tools and methodologies to deliver optimal results.

Overall, with its focus on continuous learning, strong team leadership, BIM expertise, and expanding connections, CEDA anticipates a very promising future in the field of structural consulting.


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