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Mike Kavanagh, COO, S&techs

Among the industries that have made the highest contribution to the economic growth of a nation, the construction industry is the foremost sector proving itself as the backbone of a robust economic structure. The S&techs Construction Company founded in 2000 by its CEO Mr. Nobuo Shigemitsu and Mike Kavanagh, the former Development Director of Structure Tone (The U.S.-based Construction Company)and the present COO of S&techs.

Today, S&techs has emerged as a stellar performer in construction industry providing an array of high-quality, environment-friendly and next-generation construction services and solutions to multinationals in Hong Kong and in multiple locations throughout the APAC Region.

Nobuo Shigemitsu, CEO

Tracing back to the years before S&techs inception, Mr. Nobuo Shigemitsu (CEO of S&techs)wasworking for Shimizu and was leadingthe construction projects for Structure Tone clients in Hong Kong in addition to the other projects within Shimizu under his direction. It was around 2000Mr. Shigemitsu recognized the booming potential of the construction market in mainland China, as Japanese manufacturers began investing in manufacturing and industrial facilities in the country. With his visionary leadership, Mr. Shigemitsu saw an opportunity to provide Design& Build services to these clients, who were then in dire need of professional help for setting up building facilities and expanding existing infrastructural facilities. This sparked the spirit of entrepreneurship in him leading to the expansion of S&techs and the company opened its second office in Mainland China in 2003.

Initially, S&techs primarily focused on out-of-ground construction services and specialized fit-out services, which were their main areas of expertise. However, as the company grew and established its presence, it diversified its interests and expanded into different wings of the construction industry and solidified its position as an out-of-ground construction service provider, while focusing on fit-outs in Hong Kong.

Services and solutions

Fortified with a plethora of services in construction and development, S&techs has a broader domain to serve. The company specializes in providing best-in-class services and solutions in Design & Build, Traditional Lump Sum, Construction Management at Risk, and Construction Management Consulting. They offer tailor-made services to a diverse range of customers coming from different sectors like Banking & Finance, Law, Insurance & Corporate Services, Aviation, IT / Technology, Mission Critical, Manufacturing, Retail, Hotel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Luxury Residential, and Education. S&techs has a strong presence in multiple locations in Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. They also offer construction management consulting services in South Korea, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Additionally, S&techs specializes in Out-of-Ground Construction services in Mainland China.

In an effort to bring forth high-end construction solutions for its clients, the company integrates innovation with leading-edge technologies, helping customers to stay ahead of the curve and gain an edge over their competitors. The company greatly relies on collaborative approaches for the successful completion of its projects. It works as a team in close association with its clients while working on a project.

The unique suite of services offered by the company includes:

Extensive pre-construction services including Buildability Analysis, Value Engineering, Planning, and Procurement. The services are uniquely designed and highly acclaimed for their performances at the front end, as well as in the preparation of design concepts.

The organization brings to the table the most innovative full in-house Technical Services for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Drainage, and Fire Services. It ensures a holistic approach covering designing, pre-construction services, handover and close-out phases of the projects.

S&techs has a dedicated division of over 20 professionals focusing on technology and innovation. This division aims to bring smart technology to construction sites, particularly focusing on Health & Safety aspects.

Why choose S&techs?

During the long stretch of its career spanning over 20 years, S&techs has been able to harness the full potential of changing industry dynamics to the best advantage of its clients, people, organizations, communities, and society, at large. Set up with the vision of erecting next-generation construction facilities, the company has come up with a host of productivity and efficiency-enhancing technologies that would reduce disruptions, increase productivity and ensure sustainability. With its data-driven workflow management and turnkey solutions, S&techs has emerged as the Leading Contractor specializing in Fit-Out in almost the whole of Asia.

As we take a leap forward into the fourth industrial revolution, the company is continuously exploring radical new ways to create and capture values to the shifting market trends. The company offers the convenience of services by working in close proximity with its clients, which keeps them connected to the source of manufacturers and local vendors and enables them to negotiate on the ground.

The Asia Regional footprint of the company gives them the facility of locking in prices for their clients. With the assistance of its in-house procurement team, S&techs has alternatives to obtain the best prices for its clients. The company, with the help of its Value Engineering Expertise, ensures the best value assessment before the commencement of any project.

The role of a construction company is so longer confined to creating architectural marvels, it is way beyond that. S&techs embraces expert management, data-driven technologies, and strategic sourcing while catering to its new-age customers. The Senior Management team with their real-time approach has added life to building construction and infrastructure facilities in Asia.

The company has set a high benchmark of maintaining credibility in delivering what it promises. Along with its commendable track record of providing full professional construction management services until the completion of the Defects Liability Period, the company tries to provide the utmost satisfaction to its clients at every stage of the construction process.


Just as an effective vision statement gives your team a North Star, strong company values set the tone for effective interpersonal collaboration and work ethics within the organization. At S&techs, the CEO and COO make sure to incorporate a set of exemplary corporate ethos, imbued with a strong sense of leadership and commitment. The company stands on the strong foundations of distinct principles, which inspire changes, enhance productivity and increase retention, and place ‘client satisfaction’ on the highest pedestal, above anything else.

S&techs is built on the ideals of breeding ‘excellence’ through collaborative performance. For this purpose, it adopts a ‘partnership approach’ to the construction process. In the experience of both Nobuo Shigemitsu and Mike Kavanagh business is not only a conscious act of trading; rather it’s a process of fostering a long-term relationship with the client. While undertaking a project or handling clients, the CEO & COO adhere to an unshakable work ethic embedded with the values of ‘Integrity’, ‘Enthusiasm’, and ‘Innovativeness’.

Under the astute leadership of Mr. Nobuo Shigemitsu (CEO) and Mike Kavanagh (COO), S&techs has been honored with prestigious titles and awards holding testimony to their unparalleled services in Construction Management and Main Contracting over an indelible legacy of 20 years. The LEED GOLD and WELL GOLD certifications for their layouts and fit-outs demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, the Silver A’ Design Award received from designer Bean Buro further highlights their dedication to quality and excellence in their work.

Upcoming projects

In light of its insurmountable series of accomplishments, the company is now geared up to strengthen its base and expand its footprints even further, across Singapore and the South East Region to serve the largest community of customers. S&techs is further motivated to prove its mettle in core market sectors, particularly aligning with ‘Mission Critical’ that would enable it to efficiently serve its Clients in the Region. The company works in tandem with environmental protocols and guidance. For this reason, it strives towards making further developments in utilizing technological innovations in construction, which could assign them the hallmarks of safety, security, and hygiene across all the processes of production and delivery.


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