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The growth of mobile commerce has pushed organizations to constantly bring out new payments methods and increase the adoption of cashless services. With smartphones users now accounting for 28 % of the global population, it has become an effective business tool to help merchants exchange information and financial value with customers in simple ways. In some regions, mobile money services have become a financial institution in itself, enabling easy transfer of money in underserved banking communities. Setting itself for a new challenge in the mobile payments market was Xenon4Pay, a provider of customized mobile wallet solutions. Xenon4Pay began its journey in the industry to maximize the utilization of mobile-based applications and render customers a safe and convenient way to make digital transactions possible.

Headquartered at Safat, Kuwait City, the Bookeey wallet app, from Xenon4Pay is a breakthrough product of the company that has the potential to redefine the buyer and seller relationship. Mohammed Faisali, Founder & CEO, Xenon4Pay came up with the idea of Bookeey wallet to introduce a new kind of solution in the payments industry that could increase the level of customer service and o-fer more flexibility to payment providers. He says, “Bookeey was designed to simplify the payment process – not only in the digital & online environment, but also on daily personal transactions- in a safe & fast way. The Bookeeywallet is like our personal wallet which is very much user-friendly.”

Xenon4Pay understands the need to offer banking services to people from all the sections of the society. With a high number of expatriate workers in Kuwait, it has created an easy and simple way to help them use Bookeey wallet to accept money and transfer funds to friends and family. By using this application, people can transfer internationally within a fraction of seconds. They can also transfer funds between Bookeeywallets and non-Bookeeywallets. Bookeeywallet also provides service for buying virtual cards such as iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Playstations, Xbox. Customers can also pay their mobile bills to all mobile operators. It facilitates online payments in a single App, instead of using different Apps for different payments.

Xenon4Pay’s goal is to make the mobile payment system to be cashless and cardless. The feature which makes Bookeeywallet unique is that it is designed as per the customer’s comfort so that they can load the card and use the card as per their requirements. Faisali says, “The app is designed with users in mind, we have clearly identified menus, which allows the user to navigate and take advantage of every feature.” On the other hand, the other payment wallets clear the debit and credit card transactions through local payment gateways, which mean that those customers who have credit and debit card can only use their services.

Owing to it speed, accuracy and security across payment types, the Bookeeywallet is a suitable mobile app for innovative small business. Bookeey facilitates merchants to connect with their existing and potential customers by providing them special offers and loyalty rewards. Searching and finding merchants is simple and categorized, which helps customers in connecting with them faster. The app also helps customers, find directions by utilizing Google maps and call their desired merchant by a click to call button. Xenon4Pay’s merchant network is growing on daily basis where the Bookeey wallet is now accepted in more than 700 local and international.

Xenon4Pay is gradually catching up with the pace in the Mobile Money territory with the Bookeey wallet App. The company envisions success in the popularity of its app as a way of life for the people in Kuwait rather than just a payment app. The company is currently working on adding new services that cover International bill payment, international remittance, and gift vouchers. For example, it will soon be including a digital voucher products for the Pilipino community, this product will allow the user to purchase and send a digital voucher for various products and services to their family and friends back home, so gifting with what they actually need will reduce the need for remitting small amounts to cover certain expenses.

Such initiatives are sure to increase customer loyalty and enrich their purchasing experience. Faisali shares, “We continue to hold regular focus groups, identify what are the various customers’ demands, and work on delivering the new features in upcoming releases.”

By enhancing the role of a non-bank, online payment provider, Xenon4Pay has created a unique place for itself in the digital revolution. It has standardized the payment method by reducing the need for cash, providing low transaction fees and creating better customer satisfaction. It always aims to become the first option when it comes about payment. Mohammed Faisali tells us about the future vision of the company by saying, “We want our customers to think of us as their trusted payment partner – Think of Payment, Think of pay smart with Bookeey! In the digital world, pay smartly & digitally with Bookeey!


“Bookeey was designed to simplify the payment process, not only in the digital & online environment, but also on daily personal transactions in a safe & fast way”

“Xenon4Pay envisions success in the popularity of its app as a way of life for the people in Kuwait rather than just a payment app


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