Singapore’s Toy or Game deploys DDS’s solution for retail intelligence


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Toy or Game, one of the largest retail chain stores in Singapore for video games, collectible toys, and trading cards, has deployed a solution from DDS – Data Driven Solutions, a technology company based in the city-state, to automate and realign the processes involved in obtaining business intelligence and observing the buying behaviors of shoppers.

With more than three and a half years of its operations and 10 brick and mortar retail stores scattered across the city-state, Toy or Game caters to hobbyists of several age groups by manufacturing video games, collectible toys, and trading cards for them.

Toy or Game will be working with DDS to realign all business processes to develop and build a data mining strategy that will eventually give the toy retailer with the opportunity to foster AI-enabled retail business management and shopper behavior monitoring.

Toy or Game big data initiative’s in-store analytics component will be fulfilled by RetailNext, a California-headquartered technology firm. RetailNext is an IoT platform that provides in-store analytics to shopping malls, brands, and brick-and-mortar stores.

DDS is the exclusive partner of Toys or Games to deploy the technology for automating and realigning the process involved in getting business intelligence.

DDS has also been the Southeast Asia deployment partner for homegrown as well as international retailers. DDS has deployed for Newstead Technologies, a Singapore-based consumer electronics brand. It has also installed the RetailNext analytics suite at over 100 retail stores in Southeast Asia in a span of only 12 months.

Toys or Games is all set to become one of the earliest big data ready retail brands in the southeastern Asian region and DDS is the technology company that will be equipping the toy retailer with the necessary architecture to achieve this, stated DDS General Manager Alex Toh.

Toys and Games Co-owner Samuel Ong stated that the advent of digital retail through e-commerce resulted in the surge to a data and analytics approach to business growth and this accurate yet simple representation of critical business information and buying patterns of customers in a brick and mortar store is really an astonishing feat.

Girish Pradeep Tewani, Ong’s partner and co-owner of the toy retailer, stated that the idea of adapting an in-depth analytical framework to brick and mortar spaces is stimulating.

RetailNext International Sales Head Greg Porlier expressed his delight over the company’s partnership with DDS and added that DDS is a value-add partner for retailers focusing in delivering promising technologies that are either curated or integrated to businesses’ legacy systems.


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