Labyrinth Solutions: Pushing the Boundary of Visual Communications


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The advancement in digital technology has drastically changed the marketing industry as well as the business operation. With the constant technological progress, we continue to see the rise in innovative interactive media and omnichannel platforms that enable brands to connect customers in a more engaging and meaningful manner as well as enhance our shopping experience.

The contribution of Labyrinth Solutions in digital technology is highly commendable for its innovation and creativity, particularly in digital content management, digital signage, and touch screen solutions. Businesses across the world are leveraging these solutions to make internal and external business interaction more meaningful, engaging and fun.

The Inception and Evolution of the Company

Labyrinth was founded in February 2001 with a focus on the design and development of industry-leading websites. In 2006, Labyrinth developed Contegro, an Enterprise Content Management platform that instantly became a huge success. In 2011 it was listed as the new kid on the block within the CMS Report’s ‘Top 30 Content Management Systems list’.

The company expanded its CMS capabilities to include Digital Signage and Touch Screen solutions in 2013. The approach provided an Omni-channel platform strategy for clients by centralizing the management of content across the website, mobile app, digital signage, and touch screen.  

By consolidating information and processes, the approach were transformational for many clients who had previously been challenged with inefficiencies, fragmentation and often ineffective tools in their business operations. Vaughan Reed, Managing Director of the company acknowledges that “the competitive advantage of the capabilities of Contegro enables the company to focus more on interactive digital signage solutions.”

Taking First-to-Market Initiatives and Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

Although Labyrinth is relatively new to the digital signage industry, it has managed to achieve multiple first-to-market initiatives within the APAC region.  Reed says, “Our aim is to be first-to-market with key initiatives within interactive digital signage by being one step ahead of the technology curve.” With that mentality, the company has been able to stay at the leading edge in digital signage.

In July 2017, the company unveiled its ‘Smart’ Facial Recognition Technology at the LJ Hooker conference. In doing so, Labyrinth became the first New Zealand Digital Signage provider to have developed the technology. It was also the first in Australasia to have it work directly via LG System-on-Chip. The AI-based Smart Digital Signage technology is designed to match real estate property with the right buyer by determining their demographic and personal characteristics through facial recognition. The company was also the first New Zealand-developed ‘system-on-chip’ software for LG commercial screens (Aug 2016). IN 2015, the company took Window Shopping to new heights with the launch of New Zealand’s first Digital Store Front. This initiative allowed full online shopping 24/7 via the storefront window at The Homestore in New Market.

Vibe: A Visual Communication Platform for Bringing Company Culture to Life

In a society where people are increasingly tuned-in to images and videos on social media, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to engage employees through traditional methods of communication such as notice boards, posters, or even emails. There is a growing interest in visual communication which is more engaging and organizations need to align their internal communication methods with that.

Labyrinth recognized this trend and has developed a visual communication platform called Vibe to amplify internal business communications. Reed explains, “Vibe is our internal communication solution, a niche within the digital signage market.” He adds, “Vibe is designed for organizations that recognize the need to develop their company culture, elevate employee communications, and nurture a more connected, more productive business.”For many organizations that have been struggling to establish an engaging internal communication system, Vibe has come at an opportune time.

Supermarket retailer PAK’nSAVE is one of the companies that are embracing Vibe to ensure effective internal communication. Ben Allen, Customer Experience Manager at PAK’nSAVE Hastings, explains the situation prior to Vibe: “It was hard to get a consistent message across to the wider team because of not being able to pull everyone together at the same time.” With Vibe, the company has created a more informed, inspired and motivated workforce.

The consistency of the company in delivering reliable solutions in a fast-paced industry has been very impressive. One of the keys for this according to Reed is providing exceptional after-care and support services, focusing on quality. He says, “Our clients are with us for the long-haul and we want to do everything we can to help them reach their full potential.” GS1 New Zealand, the largest supply chain system in the world, has commended the smooth and seamless integration of Vibe into their business. David Harris, Marketing Specialist, of GS1 comments, “If you’re looking to remove the silo effect of business, this is a great tool to start that process.”

Continues Pushing the Boundary of Digital Technology

For the close-knit team from New Zealand, their ‘why’ is to ‘help businesses deliver a more connected, engaged and inspired workplace’ through its service expertise in digital technology. This motivates the company to continue pushing the boundary with visual communications and improve business operations.

The future looks bright for the company as it continues to grow with a vision of being the global pioneers of visual employee communications for medium to large organizations.


  1. The Smart Digital Signage technology is designed to match real estate property with the right buyer by determining their demographic and characteristics through facial recognition.
  2. Vibe is designed for organizations that recognize the need to develop their company culture, elevate employee communications, and nurture a more connected, more productive business.


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