Software Group: Driving digital transformation for financial service providers


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Digital technologies have impacted the way we live and interact, including our expectations of financial services. Customers now demand services that are instant, personalized and can be available through any touch point.

How can financial institutions respond to these demands and win the game in today’s customer-driven and highly competitive market? Many financial institutions realize that paving the road to digital transformation is what they need in order to achieve sustainable success.

Software Group, a global technology company – one of the leaders in the financial services domain, addressed this need. With a particular focus in the financial industry, the company aims to help financial service providers successfully go through the process of digital transformation, extend their outreach and improve operational efficiency.

A Journey of Growth Driven by the Mission to Impact Millions

Software Group was founded in 2009 as an endeavor of a few enthusiastic people who shared the strong belief that technologies should play ? major role in financial inclusion. Today, the company employs more than 350 people on 6 continents and provides world-class technology solutions to financial institutions of any size and type, including banks, telecoms, MFIs, and credit unions.

More than 150 customers have already digitalized and grown their business through Software Group’s Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform, Enterprise Integration Platform, Agency Banking, Digital Field Application, mWallet, Payment Switch, and others.

Combining global knowledge with local learnings and resources, Software Group has been driving digitalization for financial service providers for over 10 years, across more than 70 countries, impacting 42 mln people globally.

“We are continuously innovating with our clients to bring new products and ideas to market, working with the support of an extensive network of partners”, says Kalin Radev, CEO of Software Group.

Some of Software Group’s customers are organizations such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MasterCard & MasterCard Foundation, International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank, Asia Development Bank, 7 of the 10 biggest Microfinance networks, Asia Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), Allianz Bank Bulgaria, Atlantic Bank, Bank South Pacific, Commercial International Bank Egypt, and others.

Following its stable journey of growth, in March 2019, Software Group signed a loan deal with the European Investment Bank to receive EUR 18 million funding. The loan from EIB is backed by a guarantee from the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), a key component of the Investment Plan for Europe, and will facilitate the execution of Software Group’s R&D strategy and strengthen its global reach.

In the next three years (2019-2021), Software Group will focus on developing new technologies, platforms and products in the fields of insurance, factoring and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company also plans to invest in strategic partnerships with other technology vendors and consultancy organizations.

By 2020, Software Group has a target to also reach up to 100 million financially excluded people by providing them with affordable financial services to improve the quality of their lives.

Digital Transformation through a Platform-Based Approach

Software Group is offering a digital banking platform that empowers financial institutions to continuously innovate and be on the lead of the ever-changing customer-driven financial sector. The company’s experience and expertise in more than 70 countries across the globe have helped them shape the digital platform to cater to virtually any financial institution.

Software Group’s Digital Banking Platform integrates and centralizes IT infrastructure, legacy systems, business processes, channels, and products into seamless end-to-end digital banking experiences, centered on the modern customer.

“We have selected the platform approach based on a microservices architecture which allows us to improve and extend the platform in a quick to market manner based on the customer needs and global trends”, says Radev.

Here are the main reasons why financial institutions choose Software Group’s omnichannel digital banking platform:

  • Fast time to market with feature-rich, customizable digital banking solutions.
  • Future-proof, modular platform based on microservices and reusable blocks that can be adopted gradually.
  • Powerful integration and workflow automation capabilities – transforms siloed channels into omnichannel experiences. Streamlines processes that run on legacy systems.
  • Data-driven customer knowledge – 360 view of the customer improves customer acquisition and retention.
  • Built specifically for financial sector business cases with superior security, reliability, and compliance.
  • Competitive innovation and new revenue streams via open banking capabilities.
  • Predictable Total Cost of Ownership and short learning curve. Flexible implementation and licensing model.
  • No vendor lock-in – replaceability of building blocks with compatible systems
  • Software Group has significant experience driving digital transformation for financial institutions.

Global Expansion with Customer Success at the Core

“Customer Success is when our customers achieve their desired outcome through their interactions with us,” says Radev.

Software Group has a Customer Success Management team dedicated to developing partnerships within the existing customer base through active engagement and collaboration to ensure customer satisfaction.“Customer Success is more than a unit in the company; it is part of our company’s culture and ethos,” explains Radev. He adds, “All departments and the way we conduct business follow our aim to create real value and success for customers.”

With digital-first solutions, built on a future-proof platform, deep industry knowledge, extensive experience, and a loyal customer base, Software Group has established itself as a leading service provider in the market. A big portion of the company’s new projects comes from referrals by trusted customers. In a short span of time, the company has proved itself as a global leader in digitalization and channel solutions by delivering quality products and services to its global customer base.


“We are continuously innovating with our clients to bring new products and ideas to market, working with the support of an extensive network of partners”

“Customer Success is when our customers achieve their desired outcome through their interactions with us”


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