Energy Commission: Providing Reliable Electricity and Gas Supply Services


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Abdul-Razib Dawood, CEO, Energy Comission

Many Malaysian companies have ventured into the electricity and piped gas industries over the past few years. With quality-services and innovative business models, they are giving stiff competition to the existing players in the industry. However, many of them still fail to provide their services at reasonable costs. 

Energy Commission, a renowned company in Malaysia, has brought the solution to the problem. The company provides all services at reasonable costs while ensuring quality. Founded in 2002, the company is also responsible for regulating the energy sector, specifically the electricity and piped gas supply industries, in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah.

In regulating the energy sector, the company has divided its focus into three areas: Economic Regulation, Technical Regulation, and safety regulation. The company’s role in the economy’s regulation is to promote economy in the generation, transmission, and distribution, and supply and use of electricity in the reticulation and use of gas. While in technical regulation, the company’s role is to ensure security, reliability, efficiency, and quality of service, in safety regulation, the company protects the industry, customers, and public from dangers arising from the generation, transmission, distribution, and supply and use of electricity.

Vision, Mission and Core Values 

Energy Commission is built on three core values: Excellence, Reliability, Sense of Fairness, and Fairplay. And those three values give them the fuel to pursue their vision: To become a world-class energy regulator that is effective and authoritative. 

The company’s mission is to balance the needs of consumers and providers of energy to ensure safe and reliable supply at reasonable prices, protect the public interest, and foster economic development and competitive markets in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

The company takes a proactive approach to address consumer problems. For instance, once a customer approaches Energy commission with a problem, the company takes immediate action without any delay. This has helped Energy Commission build a long-lasting relationship with customers.

“We have set up a regulatory system that encourages the electricity and the gas industry to be strong and consumers’ interests are protected,” states Abdul Razib Bin Dawood, CEO, Energy Commission. He further adds that the company effectively monitors electricity supply and gas reticulation in terms of its service quality, safety, and reasonable price.

The company also provides a host of online services. It includes providing license, installations, contractors, competent persons, examinations, electrical equipment, energy efficiency, and gas approval.

Prioritizing Employees

The company provides a work environment that is safe and healthy for all employees. The management staffs work in conjunction with the employees to achieve the goals and objectives through consultation and cooperation. The company’s policy includes providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workspace and work systems; ensuring all employees are provided with information, instruction, training, and supervision on how to work safely and without risking the health; to comply with the legal requirements of safety and health as set out in the occupational safety and health act 1994, the regulation and approved codes of practice; and finally to review this policy when necessary.

With many things to look forward to in the coming years, the future looks bright for the team at Energy Commission.


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