One World LED: A Pioneer in the Asia Pacific’s Digital Signage Industry


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Digital signage i.e., the use of digital or electronic images, texts and graphics to convey a message to the public, is a primary means for modern organizations to broadcast themselves. LED screen technology has become the most popular enablers for modern street signs, traffic lights, billboards, banners and more, thanks to advantages like efficiency, affordability, ease-of-use and long life.

Over the years, LED technology’s growing popularity has necessitated several improvements, developments and innovations. Accordingly, LED screens are increasingly invited into many new and creative applications, evenbeingarchitecturally integrated into a building’s design. It allows organizations to commercially represent themselves in urban areas in a better way, supported by advantages like affordability, low maintenance, a variety of signages as well as freedom to change content easily. Thus, they are becoming vital to the modern commercial environment.

‘One World LED’ is one of Asia Pacific’s most prominent digital signage solution providers today, helping many multimillion-dollar international brands as well as institutes like colleges, schools and churches through comprehensive, advanced and proprietary LED solutions. It was set up in 2011, in Adelaide, South Australia, as a joint venture between Flash Vos Inc., the USA’s virtualization technology leader and One World Technology of Suzhou, China, the leader in the field of flasharray storage devices. Since then, it has steadily and satisfactorily served innumerable clients, innovated within the field of digital signage as well as invested into virtual commerce or v-commerce technology i.e., integrating public space advert screens with traditional transaction capabilities of traditional e-commerce websites.

Thanks to consistently helping innumerable organizations succeed and realize better outcomes as well as innovating within the field of digital signage, One World LED is one of the leading names of the Asia Pacific’s digital signage industry today.

Addressing Customers’ Digital Signage Needs through Innovative Services

One World LED is Australia’s leading LED screen technology solution provider today. Their mission is to continually provide highquality LED products and services to help businesses bring their vision to life.To ensure this, they have partnered with otherglobally leading LED technologysuppliers and work closely with them to provide overall highquality services, taking care of hardware, software, training, maintenance and technical support. They are committed to help organizations succeed in all their project needs, through innovative services at affordable costs.

The company’s services include wholesale manufacturing of licensed digital signages, customizable digital signages, local support for specialized software, content management software supported by cloud technology as well as technical support or diagnostics. One World LED has innovated in the field of digital signage and have accordingly secured patents of their innovative signage solutions. To the company, these represent their dedication and hard work behind the design, development and manufacture of their high quality LED signages.

Furthermore, One World LED has commitment and long-term focus to the emerging visual communication market. They invest time and resources to continuously ensure high quality service.

Critical Support to Customers’ Marketing, Advertising and Sales Efforts

“One World LED is the only technology company in this industry that uses channel sales exclusively. We only sell to our partners who are digital signage experts and leaders in their respective industries,” Mr. Schumann Rafizadeh, the company’s director, says. The company has a long list of diverse clients, coming from various industries like food, beverage, automobiles, sports as well as organizations like governments, schools, colleges, universities, churches, city councils and so on.

Through their services, the company primarily wants to improve customers’ marketing, advertising and sales. Their intuitive and innovative products and services help businesses to realize tangible improvements.

“We have received only positive responses from our clients because we continually support them, from the initial stages until they achieve their results. Our clients have testified that our technology helps increase sales, revenue and profits. They have also made significant savings in time and efforts to address advertising needs proactively and in compliance with laws and regulations,” Mr. Schumann says.

Towards a Brighter Future

“Since inception, One World LED has received dozens of patents pioneering the basic and applied technologies for LED screens and virtual commerce transaction processing. We have received numerous awards, accolades and recognitions from governments, high-tech businesses and standard information organizations from China, USA and Australia,” Mr. Schumann says. A few of these recognitions include 2019’s Design for Export award and being the finalist at Australia’s 2019 Hi-Tech Export awards. Further, the company has recently delivered innovative smart displays with revolutionary applications in outdoor advertising and transaction processing for certain industries like real estate, retail, entertainment, sports, finance and automobile.

Thanks to honesty, commitment and hard work to help customers succeed through innovative solutions, One World LED is thriving today. “We are expecting high double-digit year-on-year sales increase for the coming decade, as we move our industry from custom solutions to pre-packaged product offerings. We are witnessing growing demands for One World LED products ShowScreens, Show&Sell, ShowCases, Videowalls, Smart City Signs, Adverpost and Adverpost E2V. We are hoping to expand our international partners network for these and other products to better support our multinational users,” Mr. Schumann says, hinting at a bright future.


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