Ulysses Naguit: Transforming the digital architecture of the fastest-growing fiber broadband provider in the Philippines


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Ulysses Naguit, CIO, Converge ICT Solutions Inc

We are standing on the brink of technological explosion and information is playing a pivotal role in every sector in this new age. The need for agile, fast-paced, seamless, accurate, and secure IT system is imperative to create new ways of business of any leading internet service provider. Thus, the presence of a CIO, who is professionally competent, highly educated, customer oriented and well-versed with the emerging technologies, data science, cyber security and data privacy is crucial for any IT-based organization to thrive.

Ulysses Naguit, the Chief Information officer (CIO) of Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is advancing the digital infrastructure of the company to transform it into an agile, responsive, and customer-centric fiber broadband provider that puts Filipinos at the heart of its service. He leads the design, oversees, and provides standardized IT services that cuts across the business units of the company, thus making Converge a technology-empowered company that operates in the telecommunication space. 

The Journey of Converge 

In the year 2020, when the world woke up to Covid-19, the demand for high-speed internet connectivity skyrocketed. Due to the nationwide lockdown, all the activities migrated through online channels, and while almost every industry downsized, the telecommunication sector faced tremendous growth. Converge was able to ride that wave of change and transformation. To keep pace with the inflated demand for an integrated network service, Converge had to quintuple its installations and by the end of 2020 its subscribers shot up to one million from the previous year’s toll of 530,000. Apart from increasing the number of call centers three-fold, the company also had to double the installation teams in 2020. In the words of the CIO, “The Converge fiber optic network also saw drastic expansion in that year – the fiber network rollout was accelerated such that the subsea cables of the network reached the island groups of Visayas and Mindanao in Q2 2021. Amid the pandemic, Converge became a nationwide company.” Following this ascent, in 2022, Converge was able to secure its position as the leading fixed-line broadband connectivity provider in the Philippines. 

The technology that drives innovation 

Ulysses Naguit is spearheading the transformation of Converge with focus on OSS, BSS and Customer Digital Interactions, that began in the middle of the pandemic, and is rapidly changing the way Converge interacts with its nearly 2 million customers. This business transformation is critical in the various functions of the organization. It will determine efficiency by which the fiber products are sold, tracked, and activated, as well as shape customer experience, billing, and collection. It determines the interface with the fiber network component. As the captain of the digital transformation impacting the internal IT infrastructure, Ulysses Naguit is directly responsible for making sure each business unit’s technical tools are calibrated and working to fulfill their function.

The cutting-edge solution and the USP of the company

The end-to-end application of fiber technology in fixed-line broadband connectivity is the unique selling point of Converge. Moreover, its in-house ICT construction company, Metro Works ICT Construction Inc., allows full visibility of the network design and the rollout functions of the system. This helps in understanding the needs of the customers and provides bespoke network rollout plans. The CIO further sheds some light on the brand’s motto, “The core of our services is the network itself. Apart from being equipped with the latest technology. We are actively using seven international subsea cables. This strengthens our international connections and allows us to monetize our bandwidth capacity to other countries as well.”

The values that foster growth 

Mr. Naguit strives towards translating the vision of Converge CEO Dennis Anthony Uy to connect ‘the unserved and underserved communities of Filipinos’ into reality. As the head of the corporate information system, the CIO looks after the discerning needs of his customers by providing them business-centric solutions at every digital touchpoint. Teamwork, dedication, and fortitude are the values that drive excellence and motivate the workers towards a result-oriented action. With the assistance of a highly trained and responsive team, Converge is able to reach 1.8 million subscribers. In the words of Mr. Naguit, “We envision IT to operate with GRIT. We must have Grit, to keep our eyes focused on the goal of solving the problems of internal and external systems. Respect for each other in our team and teamplay because we will go faster and farther together.” 

Unfolding the roadmap 

At Converge, Mr. Naguit is all set to strategize a robust IT infrastructure by revamping its OSS, BSS and Customer Touchpoints, to be more customer-centric and intuitive. This will strengthen the entire business process across selling, order fulfilment, payment and after sales. Thus, in the coming months, the core IT systems will be highly automated and integrated. The CIO talks about replacing legacy systems with technology partners: “…the overall goal is to advance our capabilities of the business in every area. All of these, of course, must sync and comply with a larger governance system prevailing in the company such as compliance to regulators, business continuity, vendor management, and project management. Only when these components work together can we, the company’s IT group, really create business value for the customers and the employees.”


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