ONG&ONG: Reinforcing the Construction World through Innovation and Excellence


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Asvinkumar Kantilal, Ceo, ONG&ONG

Imagine what a construction site would look like without power tools such as electric drills, mixers, hydraulic excavators, grinders, and nail guns. We would be drilling holes, digging trenches and cutting boards by hand, which is hard to even visualize. All these tools didn’t exist 100 years ago, but today, these pieces of technology have become an essential part of the construction process. 

The point is, technology has always driven the construction industry forward. And it’s still disrupting the construction sector with new advanced inventions. Drones, robots, AR, VR,3D printed buildings — all this advancement that seemed like a future 20 years ago is now being deployed on job sites across the world. As technology is changing the design, procurement, and engineering operations of the construction process, many tech-based construction organizations are adapting to this change and embracing this opportunity to transform the future.

One such organization that is taking concrete steps to revolutionize the global construction industry through innovative technology is ONG&ONG. Founded in 1972 by late Mr. Ong Teng Cheong and Mrs. Ong Siew May, the leading construction solution provider of Singapore offers clients a 360 solution across the fields of design, engineering and project management. Headquartered in Singapore, the pioneering company boasts a pan Asia reach in key cities across the region.

Delivering an Experience beyond Expectation

Since its inception, ONG&ONG has been vigorously working towards enhancing the user experience through excellence and innovation. Equipped with the requisite knowledge for typologies spanning residential, civic, commercial, hospitality, retail, and industrial environments, the company aims to improve the everyday living of its clients through its design, engineering and project management services. For every bespoke creation, the firm assembles a team of specialists, catered to the needs of the project.

“At the core of our business, we focus on the user experience, utilizing design as a tool to deliver experiences through interactions between the user and built space. Each of our projects is unique in design and compelling in experience, hence our term ‘Experience Design.’ This is complemented by our 360 solution approach,” avers Ashvin kumar Kantilal, the Group CEO of ONG&ONG.

Today, ONG&ONG offers a holistic solution in architecture, engineering, and management to many private real estate clients and government agencies across Asia.  It is the quest of the ambitious company to go beyond aesthetics and functionality to enhance the everyday living that has made it a renowned name in the construction tech industry.

“Our world is one big marketplace. Everything is readily available, and the only thing that sets you apart from the next consultancy is an experience beyond. This is vastly different from business-as-usual as disruption now calls for a different tune to be orchestrated,” says Ashvin kumar.

Pushing Boundaries by Adopting New Technologies

While there are many factors that have contributed to the success of ONG&ONG, one of the key ingredients that set the company apart is its thirst for innovation and continuous improvement.

Being one of the forefront leaders in Asia, ONG&ONG always strives to keep up with the evolving trend in the industry and anticipate the next paradigm shift. The innovative company constantly upgrades its professionals and continuously improves its expertise in digitalization, design, innovation, productivity, service, excellence, and sustainability.

To stay at the digital forefront, the company has ramped up its commitment to Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology with a focus on Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Analysis & Simulation, Computing & Automation, and Information Management.

Its focus and commitment to BIM, 100% cloud operations, open hot-desking areas, and agile workspaces make the firm tech-ready to embrace a “third place” culture and perform cross-country collaborations.

Bridging the Gap between Global and Local

Along with the spirit of continuous improvement, ONG&ONG also weaves a multidisciplinary and glocal (global + local) outlook into its culture. Today, the company has over 600 professionals specializing in various disciplines, and over 15 nationalities are working together in the firm with nearly 90% of local staff.

“Expanding from Singapore to 10 countries, 87% of staff are hired locally, proving we understand Asia, through a glocal approach. We also maintain a youthful vigour in our organization, with 54% of our staff being below 35 years of age,” asserts Ashvin kumar.

He further adds, “The stronghold of ONG&ONG consists of various strategic teams, which extend throughout Asia. Efficiency, teamwork and strong communication all underscore the strength of our offices, enabling them to operate seamlessly across Asia.”

Setting Goals to Offer Better Solutions in Future

When it comes to the future, ONG&ONG has several key strategic initiatives in its pipeline.  Currently, the innovative company is spearheading one of Singapore’s first IDD projects, Sloane Residences.It is also collaborating with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) with a vision to close the gap between academia and the industry.

“The idea is to incorporate the practices of firms within the schools, encouraging dialogues and joint works together. The multi-pronged approach give rise to initiatives such as BeyondX, an event focused on disruptive innovation, to extrapolate and share information with the industry,” states Ashvin kumar.

Forging ahead, it intends to continue leveraging new technology and improve its expertise to enhance the way we live.


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